Integrated Receivables Cloud Platform

Discounts and Deductions Handling

Identify and validate short payments and discounts

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Discounts and Deductions Handling solutions diagram


  • Reduce write-offs by verifying eligibility for discounts taken

    Validate whether the discounts taken by customers are earned or unearned based on payment terms or trade promotions

  • Free up analyst bandwidth by automatically identifying deduction type

    Identify the reason for short-payment such as trade promotions, early payment discounts, or disputed goods and services without requiring any manual research by analysts

  • Resolve disputes faster with built-in deduction coding

    Map external reason codes provided by customers with internal ERP-specific reason codes, enabling faster dispute resolution by analysts

  • Handle short-payments with complex parent-child relationships

    Automatically split a combined short-payment into multiple different child reason codes or consolidate multiple similar short-payments into a single parent reason code

Five simple steps to handle short payments

Capture details from customer remittance and ERP extract

The solution captures deduction information from remittance sent by customers with the help of an AI-enabled remittance parser engine and extracts customer master information such as trade promotion management, payment terms, and invoice details from the ERP.

Calculate eligible discounts on the invoices paid for

The system identifies whether a particular short-payment taken by a customer is eligible for a discount based on the trade promotions or payment terms information.

Calculate short payment or over payment

The calculation for short payment or over payment is made, based on the calculated eligible discount.

Categorize deductions based on system patterns or customer sent reason codes

The deductions taken by customers are categorized based on patterns or customer sent reason codes.

Populate deduction reason code for analysts and ERP to understand

The short payments, over payments, and customer deductions are reason-coded in a way analysts and ERP understand for posting.

This is Why A/R Teams Love Us

HighRadius Customer: Johnsonville Sausage
Speed : The cash application team at Johnsonville Sausage reduced the time spent on cash posting from 40 hours to 17 hours with 80% of the dollars applied without any manual intervention.
HighRadius Customer: Reckitt Benckiser
Productivity : Reckitt Benckiser achieved 100% auto-coding of deductions due to the smarter engine.

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