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Out of The Box Reports Across Order-to-Cash Operations to Stay on Top of KPIs including DSO, Bad-Debt, Past-Due A/R, and Many More

Solution Overview

HighRadius Receivables Analytics provides out-of-the-box reports and insights by connecting and analyzing data across credit and A/R data sources for analysts and managers to achieve an end-to-end overview of all order-to-cash processes. Businesses are able to capture intelligence and insight to take corrective actions, modify A/R strategies, and make proactive decisions. Replacing traditional reporting systems with out-of-the-box, real-time reporting and analytics saves time and provides organizations with the tools to implement a fully optimized accounts receivable management process and improve A/R performance.

Accounts receivable automation is only the first step towards optimized A/R operations. The next step is to empower managers and decision makers with analytics and reporting for actionable insights to reduce credit risk, improve cash flow, and monitor operational productivity. HighRadius Receivables Analytics provides real-time data and insight across the order-to-cash processes of invoicing, payments, credit, cash application, collections, and deductions management through a user-friendly out-of-the-box reporting and analytics tool.

Key Features

Prioritized Collections Worklist
Integrated Data Availability

Access data across all HighRadius Cloud applications along with your ERP open A/R data and customer master.

Automated Correspondence
Out-of-the-Box Reports Repository

An exhaustive repository of more than 100 out-of-the-box analytics reports across all AR management processes saves the hassle of creating different reports tailored to specific needs. It allows business users to make data-driven decisions in real time without having to rely on IT support for custom reporting.

Notes, Call Logs and Payment Commitments
Drill Down Capability

Users drill down into a specific account and invoice to gain an understanding of key metrics and review trends across the entire accounts receivable department. Process owners can measure the performance of individual analysts across all processes to take corrective actions and improve AR performance.

Intuitive Data Visualization

Flexible data visualization allows managers and senior executives to quickly derive insights out of complex accounts receivable datasets to identify actions for improving receivables conversion.

Cash Forecasting
Schedule and Email Reports

Users schedule report generation to access data on demand. The reports and charts are emailed to executives, managers, and other stakeholders to keep everyone informed and working toward the same goal.

Invoice Payment Status from Customer Portals
Access Control

Business users are able to grant report-level access based on individual users or roles.

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Receivables Analytics

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With the radiusOneTM mobile app, finance executives could stay on top of key KPIs including DSO and Bad-Debt Write-offs and be more nimble with decision making. The radiusOneTM mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

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