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Cash Forecasting

An advanced system with self-service modules and Al to provide accurate cash flow forecasts

  • Connectivity to ERPS and Banks
  • Intuitive Spreadsheet UI
  • Variance and Scenario Analysis
  • Easy Collaboration & Reporting
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Key Features

Highly variable categories such as A/R or A/P forecasted automatically without requiring manual inputs.

  • Schedule and generate cash flow forecasts automatically with local-to-global roll-up and intercompany mirroring
  • Leverage powerful cloud computing to process big data and complex algorithms
  • Use native AI / ML capabilities for continuous accuracy improvements
Automated Data Gathering from Different Sources

Intuitive forecast dashboard to switch between cash flow categories and drilldown easily.

  • Toggle between different time buckets and horizons to view short and long-term forecasts
  • Get a detailed break-up with category, currency, and group-wise drilldown
  • Edit forecasts with manual override and view updated projections on-demand
Customized Forecasting Models

Interconnected spreadsheet-like work environment with powerful cloud database backend for fast and easy collaboration without the fragility or errors of a spreadsheet.

  • Import, update, and share actuals or forecasts with stakeholders
  • Work on input data with easy-to-use spreadsheet features and functions
  • Make row, column, or cell-based changes to models across categories, groups, currencies, and time horizons
Category and Company-level Forecasts

Quickly build and run scenarios to compare the effects of economic events or business decisions against the base case forecast.

  • Freeze a forecast and create a range of scenarios covering time, amount and currency shifts
  • Save or download scenarios as snapshots to compare with forecasts and other scenarios
  • Understand the impact of distinct scenarios on cash flows with detailed insights
Analytics Dashboard

Compare any forecasts, scenarios, and actuals side-by-side for detailed, category-level analysis.

  • Create save snapshots of different forecasts and scenarios
  • Compare forecasts, scenarios, budget, or actuals with variance heatmap
  • Schedule snapshots and download or export to workspace
Scenario-based Forecasting

Automated analysis for forecast vs. forecast, budget or actuals and continuously improve the accuracy by understanding the key drivers of variance.

  • Toggle between different time buckets and horizons in the forecast accuracy dashboard
  • View the magnitude and percentage of variations and use maximum and average variance to better understand deviations
  • Improve accuracy by analyzing variances at category, group, currency, and invoice-levels
Variance Analysis across Regions, Currencies & Companies.

Integrate with banks, ERPs, and financial systems to import data automatically or choose to upload files manually into input worksheets.

  • Leverage host-to-host or API integration to collect statements from banks securely
  • Extract and cleanse input data from any ERP using SFTP or HighRadius HEX connectors
  • Upload additional actuals with support for all file formats including CSV, BAI2, and MT940
Business Intelligence Dashboard

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced Efficiency

    Automation of forecasting eliminates manual work & scope of errors allowing teams to focus on higher-value tasks.
  • Improved Visibility

    Consolidated forecasts enable better cash repatriation, pooling, and hedging over the short and long term.
  • Increased Accuracy

    Utilizing and processing more data increases forecasts' accuracy, resulting in better liquidity & debt management.
  • Better Decision-making

    Reports with detailed information into future trends inspires confidence in investment and borrowing decisions.
  • Continuous Insights

    Automated data refresh provides the most current insights for stakeholders.
  • Stronger Collaboration

    The cloud-based platform enables multiple users to access, update, edit, and share information.
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