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Reinventing The Art of Cash Forecasting Using Artificial Intelligence

Robert Unger, Sr. Director, Product Management & Strategic Initiatives, Nacha
Vikram Gollakota, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, HighRadius

Cash Forecasting Innovation: How Artificial Intelligence is changing the Game

Sayid Shabeer, Chief Product Officer, HighRadius
Ernie Humphrey(CTP), CEO-Treasury Webinar

Artificial Intelligence in A/R: 7 Disruptions in Credit Management to look out for in 2020

Bill Weiss, Vice President of Business Development-Credit & Collections, HighRadius

Danone’s Guide for A/R Managers: 8 Reasons Why Digital transformations Fail.

Mark Brousseau, President, Brousseau & Associates, IOFM
Barbara Carpenter, Senior Manager, Customer Financial Services, Danone North America
Elaine Nowak, Director of Product Marketing and Management, HighRadius

Explain Like I’m Five: The Non-Nerdy Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Order to Cash

Gwyn Roberts, Vice President EMEA HighRadius Corporation

Is Artificial Intelligence Set to Replace You in Order-to-Cash?

Judy Bicking, Senior Trainer, IOFM
Yashwant Divakar, Solution Principal, HighRadius

How Roche Built a Scalable Platform to Process $400 Million Receivables for 7000 Active Accounts

Judy Wagner, Director of Corporate Credit, Roche
Daniel Chapman, AVP, Strategic Accounts, HighRadius

The adidas Group Fit and Healthy Receivables

Tracie Duncan, Director, AR, Credit and Collections
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