Credit & Collection Email Templates (Word Files)

Hey, Credit/Collection Professional! Here are some benefits of using these emails.

The primary responsibility of any credit / collection’s representative is to stay in touch with customers and make sure buyers would pay ‘in full and on time’, every time. A regular day for any credit and collections analyst is quite tiresome from keeping a close tab on the health of the receivables to performing monotonous but important tasks such as sending out hundreds of emails.

Credit and Collection analysts typically spend about 30% of their time catering to ad-hoc requests such as unblocking orders, sending out additional invoice copies, account statements and other order related documentation. Managing these duties through formal correspondence is important but very tiresome as the analysts have to find relevant information, check contact details, compose emails and finally, send them. Scaling this process is especially difficult as credit and collections analysts are assigned hundreds of accounts with constantly increasing volume of open A/R.

These templates will help credit and collections professionals improve the productivity of the email correspondence process through best-performing email templates that we compiled from more than 700 credit and collections transformation projects across the world.

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