Integrated Receivables Platform For Banks

Payments Hub

The HighRadius Payments Hub enables banks to offer a single platform for enterprise clients to achieve a holistic view of all incoming receivables including all electronic and paper-based transactions, across all sources and banks. The integration of payment information from cheques, deposits, Credit Cards, electronic payments, Mobile payments and Consumer Bill Payments, into a unified payment stream eliminates the need for managers to look into disconnected sources of data for reporting and decision-making.

Payments Hub for Banks

As incoming payment volumes continue to grow, treasury and receivables teams are looking to achieve a single-view of all incoming receivables. However, the increasing volume of payments is received through an ever-increasing number of payment sources including electronic payment formats including BACS, CHAPS, Faster Payments as well as credit cards, mobile payments, wire transfers, cheques and deposits. A user-friendly portal with a real-time, integrated view of all received payments could help achieve accurate historical tracking of payments and save the countless hours lost in pulling outdated information across different data sources across banking partners.


  • Compatible will all incoming payment file formats
  • Highly-scalable data repository capable of housing virtually infinite payment history
  • Auto-identification of key payment fields for multi-field indexing and high-fidelity search
  • Out-of-the-box reports for faster reporting


  • User-friendly web experience
    Bank-branded, user-friendly portal with easy-to-access payment information
  • Integrate multiple payment streams
    Consolidate payment information from any electronic payment, Credit Cards, Wire payments, mobile payments, cheques, deposits and consumer bill payments
  • Consolidate payments across all banks
    Capture all payment formats across all banks and provide a holistic view of all incoming receivables
  • Enterprise level visibility
    Single-source-of-truth of all current and historical payment information to share with all stakeholders
  • High-fidelity search and indexing
    Filtered search with perpetual index of all payments across all sources
  • Receivables Analytics
    Out-of-the-box reports for review and exportable data for advanced analytics or reconciliation


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