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radiusOne™ Network

HighRadius radiusOneTM Network is the world’s first network enabling digital collaboration between supplier A/R processes and buyer A/P processes. While credit-to-cash technology provides process level automation, the radiusOneTM Network focuses on filling the gaps in supplier-buyer collaboration created by standalone technology. Built on top of the HighRadius Integrated Receivables platform for credit-to-cash, radiusOne closes gaps in collaboration between buyers and suppliers for processes across credit, billing, collections, payment processing and dispute resolution.

Join more than 300 suppliers and 3 million buyers on the world’s first supplier-buyer network and start invoicing at zero cost.

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RadiusOne Solution Diagram

HighRadius radiusOneTM Network creates a win-win for suppliers and buyers by offering a single platform for A/R and A/P teams to collaborate for credit reviews, billing, payments, collections and disputes. While suppliers are able to connect to their customers over a single platform and drive e-invoicing and e-payment adoption, RadiusOne allows buyers to review and approve invoices and pay electronically to all their vendors while maximising early-payment discounts. radiusOneTM Network sits on top of the entire gamut of credit-to-cash solutions offered by HighRadius, providing a supplier-buyer digital collaborative network to enable features like auto-collection of promise-to-pays, instant credit approval, dynamic discounting and self-adjusting collection strategies based on past payment behavior. Moreover, it integrates with popular A/P accounting systems to auto-create invoices and update invoice payment statuses in the buyer’s A/P system. The result is faster credit reviews, increased adoption of electronic payments, straight-through payment reconciliation, faster collections and dispute resolution.


  • Credit Management
    • Automated Blocked Order Release: Real-time email notifications to buyers for blocked orders with instant payment options and straight-through reconciliation and update of credit balances
    • Automated Credit Approval: Auto-approval of credit extension requests based on buyer's credit history, credit agency reports and buyer credit performance across network suppliers
  • Collections Management
    • Dynamic Discounting: Buyer-level optimization of early-payment discounts
    • Promise-to-pay Auto-Capture: Automated notifications for buyers to submit an online promise-to-pay and automatic updates in the collector's worklist
  • Cash Application
    • Auto-Collect Missing Remittance: Automated email notification for buyers to submit missing or incomplete remittance information for faster, straight-through cash reconciliation
    • Pro-active Remittance Collection: Network initiated notification to buyers for submitting remittance through the portal instead of email remittances
  • Deductions Management
    • Auto-Collect Backup Documents: Network generated campaign to collect missing backup documents required to complete deduction research
    • Instant Trade Promotion Claim Rejection/ Approval: Real-time notification for claim rejection/ approval based on auto-matching with trade promotions
  • Billing and Payments
    • Straight-through Cash Reconciliation: Automated supplier ERP cash reconciliation for payments made through the network
  • Buyer A/P Accounting System Integration
    • Auto-create Invoices: Invoices delivered via the network are auto-populated in the buyers' accounting system
    • Auto-sync invoice payment status: Auto-updates of invoice payments in the buyer's accounting system


  • For Suppliers and A/R Teams :
    • Fast, traceable invoice delivery: Invoice customers through the mode of their choice over email, fax or print and mail
    • Seamless payment processing: Integration of payment and remittance information with your ERP ensures straight-through cash application
    • Single-click customer on-boarding: Invite all your customers in a single step to the network
    • Lower payment processing costs: Simplify e-payments for your customers by enabling integration with their accounting systems

  • For Buyers and A/P Teams :
    • No invoice punching: Review invoices and have them created in your accounting system with a single click
    • One click, many payments: Bulk pay all your vendors & bills across multiple payment formats
    • All Payments in one place: Make any electronic, Card payments or initiate cheque print and mail, with direct integration to your accounting software
    • No remittance processing: Automate the processing of remittance to your vendors - no more emails and spreadsheets


Save Time and Money on Order-to-Cash Operations