Navigating Your Revenue Bermuda Triangle: Credit, Sales & Treasury Harmonization

About The Webinar

In a recent survey by Credit Today, 34% of credit & finance professionals identified collaboration with sales as a top challenge. Think about the revenue that is lost when sales teams do not have visibility into low-risk customers with upsell potential, and time misspent on accounts that only yield low margin revenue. Can you really afford to put a key customer on credit hold that could have been avoided with better communication?

The time is here for companies to take a holistic approach to accounts receivable powered by cost-effective technology that delivers visibility into the invoice-to-cash process, and fuels insights that facilitate improved customer relationships, allowing companies to get paid faster and more efficiently.

Join us to discover how effective collaboration between credit, sales, and treasury mitigates revenue leakage and lost opportunities while fueling high margin growth. We will also discuss how companies can identify synergies between AR and their own P2P processes to impact their cash conversion cycles.