Accounts Receivable Automation Buyer’s Guide

Accounts Receivable Automation holds great promise for organizations that rely on swift, efficient processes to drive revenue growth and deliver better experiences to business users and end customers.

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This Buyer’s Guide contains:

  • List of Automation Solutions for Order-to-Cash with Feature Details
  • Benchmarking and Assessment: Step-by-Step Guide
  • Selecting & Evaluating a Solution Vendor: Instructions & Tips
  • Choosing the Right Automation Solution & Pitfalls to Avoid in the Process

Why are YOU looking to automate your current A/R process?

Improve my DSO and other KPIs
Improve my DSO and other KPIs
Integrate and Standardize my processes
Integrate and Standardize my processes
Increase operational efficiency
Increase operational efficiency
Increase my cost savings
Increase my cost savings
Improve customer experience
Improve customer experience

Which level of automation is right for you?

Standalone A/R process automation

  • Credit Management Automation Software
  • Billing and Payments Automation Software
  • Cash Application Automation Software
  • Collection Management Automation Software
  • Deduction Management Automation Software

Integrated A/R process automation

  • End-to-End Accounts Receivable Software Platform
  • Integration and automation of credit, collections, deductions, cash application, electronic billing, and payment processing – covering the entire gamut from credit-to-cash.

AI empowered A/R Automation

  • Artificial intelligence-enabled end-to-end automation for accounts receivable, powered with a digital assistant

Are you ready for automation?

Most automation projects fail because teams dive in headfirst and try to automate everything they can without properly evaluating their current processes. In order to ensure your process is up-to-date or automation-ready, you need to first arrive at an ideal TO-BE state.

With process benchmarking and assessment you can expose the real operational gaps which exist and ensure smoother & successful transition.


Benchmarking is the practice of comparing your business processes and performance metrics to the industry’s bests and best practices from other companies to arrive at an ideal To-Be state or goal.


Assessment is doing a deep drill down into your current business operations and finding out the nitty gritty details. It helps you identify the problem areas and understand your challenges better.

Included in the Buyer's Guide

How to select the right automation solution provider?

Evaluating vendors is a grueling task that involves assessing them across multiple parameters including features, training, customer support among other things.

With so many automation providers out there, choosing the right one can be hard. Download the vendor checklist to learn all the right questions you should be asking to the potential automation solution providers.

Included in the Buyer's Guide

A/R Software Questionnaire

Does the vendor have experience with my type of product. service, and company size?
Is the vendor knowledgeable about financial regulations and guidelines both locally and globally as they affect my company?
Does the vendor understand the regulations that will impact my business?
what level of support are available and are they geographically available for my business?
what are my internal support resources and

Here is how to get started



Conduct a detailed assessment of your internal A/R process and identify the challenges and areas of improvement



Conduct a benchmarking exercise to discover your best-in-class industry metrics and clear goals to achieve with automation


Compare Solutions

Learn about the different automation solutions in market to find the most suitable one for your objectives


Vendor Evaluation

Evaluate the automation solution providers available in the market based on industry credibility, solution features and their success rate


Take a demo

Take a demo of the automation solutions. You can also ask the vendors to suggest the right solution for you based on your challenges


Ready, Set, Go!

Finalize your automation solution and vendor and get started on your digital transformation journey

Accounts Receivable Automation Success Stories

HighRadius Customer: Johnson & Johnson


Automation of Cash
Application Operations

HighRadius Customer: McCormick


Trade and Non-Trade
Deductions Automated.

HighRadius Customer: ShurTech Brands


Reduction of
Overall past Due A/R