David vs. Goliath

Technology Disruptors for Mid-sized Finance Teams

Access this ebook to get insights from Sashi Narahari, CEO at HighRadius, and Rauli Garcia, VP of Strategic Marketing at Sage Intacct. The industry leaders share developments that are creating a level playing field for mid-sized companies to go head-to-head with Fortune 1000 businesses.

Technology Disruptors for Mid-sized Finance Teams

What is David vs. Goliath?

‘David vs. Goliath’ is an eternal battle between a giant and the underdog, David. This tale is seemingly the most notable one-on-one action to have ever taken place. So noteworthy that it has found its way into our contemporary businesses.

As an inspiration, this ebook series will explore the theme from various facets with context to the technological divide between Mid-Size businesses and Large enterprises.

Readers will get actionable insights and access to game changing trends as we explore the big question-
How can a mid-sized business compete and be at par with enterprise leaders?

Our Experts

Sashi Narahari

Founder and CEO, HighRadius

Rauli Garcia

VP of Strategic Marketing, Sage Intacct

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