SSON Report: Automating Accounts Receivable

SSON’s COVID-19 Impact on Global Service Delivery Models Survey in April 2020 revealed that in almost 30% of cases, the most significant business impact of the pandemic is a decline in cash collections. The crisis has undoubtedly stress tested accounts receivable processes and it is now imperative that organisations can turn sales into cash and collect debt more effectively.

This report discusses how shared services organisations are well placed to take advantage of A/R automation to proactively optimise the order-to-cash process and contribute to increasing liquidity by preventing existing capital from going to waste.

You will also hear from two leading organisations who reveal which of their processes have most improved as a result of O2C technology. HighRadius VP of Customer Value also talks to SSON about the help being given to financial leaders to reduce DSO, operating expenses, and increase cash flow and working capital in these uncertain times.

SSON Report: Automating Accounts Receivable_image

“If what you have is a very complex and heavily manual AR collections process, then now is the time to make smart decisions.”

-Dave Hughes, Engie