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  • Introducing: Express Payments
  • 95% Zero-Touch Cash Posting for Checks, ACH, Cards
  • Eliminate 100% of Lockbox Key-In Fees
  • Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Data Capture
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Cash Application Cloud Solutions

Lower operating costs for accurate, same-day, on-invoice cash posting. Cash Application Cloud automates remittance aggregation from different sources/formats, payment linking, invoice matching, deduction coding, and ERP posting.


  • Auto-aggregation of remittance from various sources

    Remittances can be auto-extracted across various sources and formats such as check stubs, emails, EDIs, web portals without any manual intervention. Your cash app team can view these remittances in a consolidated format in the solution.
  • Automated cash reconciliation and deduction coding

    Cash Application Cloud leverages AI capabilities to accurately auto-link payments with the open invoices and ensures automated deduction coding. Your cash application analysts can spend more time on other high-value tasks.
  • 100% reduction in lockbox keying-in fees

    Cash Application Cloud leverages multiple OCR engines to eliminate lockbox fees by auto-capturing payment and remittance data in an accurate manner.
  • Easy to deploy, ERP-agnostic solution

    HighRadius Cash Application Cloud can seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP/s across the globe without any major business disruption.

Key Features

Automated Remittance Data Capture Across Emails, Checks, Web Portals

Auto-extract remittances from emails(email body and attachments), EDIs using AI-based technology to ensure accurate data capture across all standard languages and file formats. Integrate with A/P portals to auto-capture remittances. Leverage template-agnostic OCR to extract remittance data from check stubs.

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Auto-Identification and Submission of Remittances in No Remittance Scenarios

Leverage AI-based remittance suggestions to fast-track your invoice matching process. For no remittance scenarios, leverage AI and Machine Learning to automatically predict invoices as remittances against a particular payment based on past analyst actions. Eliminate the multiple to-and-fro with the customer by enabling them to submit remittances.

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Automated Invoice Matching

Automatically match payments to invoices even in the most complex business scenarios such as parent-child relationships, pre-payments, installments, and matching by non-invoice reference numbers.

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Automated Coding of
Deductions and Discounts

Identify deductions and discounts at the source, based on short-payments, over-payments, earned or unearned discounts. Auto-map reason codes provided by the customer into your ERP-specific reason codes.

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RDC and Mobile Payments

Apply cash directly for checks by directly submitting to office location through Remote Deposit Capture(RDC) machines or scanned via mobile apps.

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AI and ML-Based Recommendations in Exception Handling

Receive recommendations on customer master maintenance, alternate payers, reference numbers based on past experience to resolve exceptions faster. Improve your analyst’s productivity by preventing duplication of work on a payment either by assigning payments or locking it if it is already being worked upon.

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The Future of Cash Application Cloud is here


Real-time visibility into payment processing automation levels

Gain end-to-end process visibility with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to track team productivity and key cash application metrics including hit-rate, exceptions, and deductions. Receivables Analytics offers intuitive data visualization that helps you drill down into individual reports to identify bottlenecks or issues in the cash application process.

Eliminate 80% of repetitive manual exception handling

Boost straight through cash posting with the help of the Rivana artificial intelligence engine that uses self-learning algorithms to study analyst exception-resolution patterns and automate exception handling.

Automate processing of payments with missing or incomplete remittance

Trigger automated email correspondence to customers who do not provide remittance information for unapplied payments over the radiusOneTM network portal. Leverage captured information for straight-through cash application.

What our customers say

Carolyn Etress

Director of Accounts Receivable
HighRadius Cash Application Cloud goes beyond what banks and traditional ERP programs do to support faster payments processing.

Mike Pettyjohn

Head of Accounts Receivable, Finance Business Services
The HighRadius team is excellent and I am excited about our ongoing partnership using the Integrated Receivables platform.

Jason Herrington

Director of A/P & A/R
HighRadius technology is evolved and not antiquated like other industry competitors.
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Reduction in Days Deductions Outstanding for Complex CPG Receivables Process
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