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Improved Working Capital by Recovering $20M from Invalid Deductions with A/R Automation

  • $20M Recovered From Invalid Deductions
  • 98% Automated Cash Application
  • 25 Days Reduced DDO
  • 75% Productivity Improvement
Cash Application
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With HighRadius, everything is connected, and we have a single source of truth. They have always wanted to see us succeed as well, and so we’ve had great success just partnering with them.

Jacob Whetstone
Director, Credit and Accounts Receivable
How did HighRadius help

Challenges in Cash Application

Tedious Cash Application Process with 250+ Hours Spent Weekly on Manual Application of Payments

The cash application team had to manually aggregate remittance data from multiple sources like emails, EDIs, etc. Also, Danone’s consumer portfolio comprises several big-box retailers. As this customer segment often insists on making payments through their respective customer portals, the cash application analysts had to log into 25+ portals to retrieve remittances. The check payments, which made up to 35% of all the transactions, also claimed critical examination by the analysts.

Challenges in Deductions

Lack of Time and Resources to Prioritize and Recover Invalid Deductions Amount

At Danone, a significant part of the deduction analysts’ work hours was invested in seeking the backup data and documents relevant to the disputes claimed. Meanwhile, manual mapping of ERP-specific reason codes was also a major challenge. The repetitive manual tasks ceased them to rather drive focus toward unlocking the capital trapped in invalid deductions. Also, the absence of a one-stop, centralized view emerged as a major challenge in reportings and financial audits.

Geographically Diverse Business Units with Operational Silos: A Challenge to SSC Expansion

Danone had successfully implemented the SSC model of operations across its Business units in the US. To move its SSC objective forward, Danone strived hard to scale this business transformation across all its subsidiaries in Canada. However, centralizing the O2C operations under an SSC seemed a tough task due to siloed and non-standardized processes.


Danone serves a diverse customer base through 1000+ food wholesalers, including Walmart and Amazon. Danone works with the mission of ‘bringing health through food to as many people as possible’.


Consumer Packaged Goods


North America


$25.3 Billion


Cash Application

Jacob Whetstone

We were able to redeploy some of those employees to focus on collecting back invalid deductions. So actually, we were able to click close to $20 million back in value.

Jacob Whetstone
Director, Credit & Accounts Receivable

How did HighRadius Help

95% Touchless Auto-Cash Posting Hit-Rate Achieved within 90 Days of Implementation

An automated cash application process allowed the Cash Application team to redeploy 8 FTEs to other critical and high-priority tasks. Auto-aggregation of remittance data helped extract remittances from multiple sources like emails, EDIs, etc. The solution also deployed web bots to auto-extract data securely from customer portals and the Multi-OCR Engine to accurately capture remittance data across check payments. Meanwhile, Automated Deductions reason coding helped map the customer-provided reason codes with internal ERP-specific ones without analysts’ assistance.

$20M Claimed from Invalid Deductions due to Strong Focus on Deductions Recovery

Writing off the low-dollar valued valid deductions was automated by the solution based on customized business rules which helped the deductions team focus their research extensively on high-dollar value deductions & critical customer portfolios. Auto-aggregation and linking of backup documents and PODs helped the analysts instead channel their efforts toward recovering the invalid deduction amounts.

Visibility and Standardization across all A/R Operations Helped Accomplish The SSC Goal

The solution was able to port all data to the SAP automatically and served as a single source of truth across all teams. A single interface for multiple tasks and functionality ensured seamless visibility and helped stimulate cross-team collaborations. It also helped Danone foster Data Integrity and set up standardized O2C operations across all the BUs.


Recovered From Invalid Deductions
Automated Cash Application
Days Reduced DDO
Productivity Improvement

Autopilot for Order to Cash

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