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HighRadius' industry defining software implementation approach ensures faster time to implementation and quicker return on investment through a combination of out-of-the-box functionalities, agile implementation methodologies, and maniacal focus on the outcome metrics

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HighRadius Speed to Value Implementation Methodology

5-step implementation methodology focuses on rapid deployment and accelerated delivery of ROI in less than 6 months. We achieve this through prioritizing out-of-the-box implementation of high-impact client requirements and employing a systematic approach to handling customizations


Mutually Agreed Success Metrics


Prioritization via ValueCom Framework


Phase 1


Phase 2 Optional Enhancements


Commitee for Zero Disconnect

Mutually Agreed Success Metrics

A written and mutually agreed signed off document is created between HighRadius and Client, with focus on:

  • Business Outcome KPIs: These are lagging indicators that would be realized after months/years after go-live (Ex: % Past due reduction, FTE Productivity)
  • Operational KPIs: These are leading indicators that can be measured during implementaton (Ex: % Automated dunning emails)
  • For the entire course of implementation, we measure the value delivered basis progress on the above success criterion.

Requirements Prioritization via ValueCom Framework

Every requirement is tagged via:

  • Value: All the Client requirements are classified into "high" or "low" based on the impact to Operational KPIs
  • Out-of-the box or Enhancements: All the requirements are classified as "Out-of-the-box" if it can be met via software configuration; else as "Enhancements" if it will require customisations.
  • High Value - Out of the box requirements are prioritized so that maximum value can be delivered in shortest time possible

Phase 1 Out-of-the-box

In less tha 3-6 months Phase 1 is implemented with only Out-of-the-box functionalities that are of:

  • HighValue: High value requirements are of highest priority since these are supported out-of-the-box by the software via configuration. Goal is to deliver 80% value through this phase.

Phase 2 Optional Enhancements

  • If Phase 1 implementation delivers 80% achievement on leading indicators, Phase 2 is descoped. But if Phase 1 value delivery is less than 80% of success criteria; Phase 2 is implemented in next 3-6 months for "High Value & Enhancements" requirements that are still corelated to business outcomes. Anything Low value requiring customization is recommended to be descoped.

Steering Commitee for a Zero Disconnect

  • Mandatory monthly updates with VP/CXO executives from HighRadius and Client is scheduled to get an alignment on the requirements, phase of implementation and expected outcome metrics as per the speed-to-value implementation methodology

Benefits of Speed to Value Methodology

Accelerated Implementation time

With the Speed to Value approach, organizations can fasten the implementation process by leveraging agile methodologies, preconfigured templates and advanced automation capabilities of the solution. This approach ensuring quicker user adoption and realizing the value of the solution in shorter timeframe

Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

By implementing HighRadius solutions through the Speed to Value approach, organizations can achieve a quicker return on investment. The streamlined implementation process and optimized workflows enable organizations to start realizing financial and operational benefits sooner, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings

Higher User Adoption

For most implementations, end user adoption is an afterthought with no planned change management. With Speed to Value approach, users are trained on the product functionality during the on-boarding phase via demo videos, providing access to sandbox and through customised training. This reduces resistance to change with a higher user adoption, leading to improved data integrity, reporting accuracy, and informed decision-making

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Speed to Value approach expedite implementation?

It accelerates implementation by leveraging agile practices to streamline the process, preconfigured templates for faster setup, and automation tools for efficient configuration and deployment.

By providing an efficient implementation process, intuitive user experiences, and comprehensive training and support, Speed to Value encourages user adoption and drives successful outcomes.

Yes, by reducing implementation timelines and enabling faster realization of business benefits, organizations can achieve a quicker return on their investment in the software solution.

Yes, it can be adapted to meet the needs of organizations, regardless of their size, industry, or complexity of their processes.

No, the approach minimizes IT dependencies by providing user-friendly tools and configurations, reducing the need for extensive IT involvement during implementation.

It includes change management strategies, user training, and ongoing support to facilitate a seamless transition and promote user adoption and satisfaction.

Yes, the Speed to Value methodology supports integration with existing systems and data sources to ensure a comprehensive solution and data integrity.