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Overview of Autonomous Receivables Solutions for CPG Companies

Cash Application
Cash Application
  • 95% auto-cash posting for high invoice volumes
  • 100% auto reason code mapping for big box retailers
  • Auto-capture of remittances from emails, check-stubs, EDIs, portals
Automated Cash Application highradius
  • Auto-capture of claims, PODs from customers & carrier portals
  • Faster, automated trade promotion settlement
  • Improved net recovery rate for invalid disputes with AI
Reduction in Open Deductions highradius
  • AI-based prioritization for small & large customers
  • 100% automated dunning via emails, web portals
Cash Flows highradius

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95% Automated Cash Posting for High Invoice Volume

AI-powered Cash Application Software auto-matches open invoices to a high volume of incoming payments, even in exceptional scenarios such as incomplete or inaccurate invoice numbers.

Auto-Invoice Matching in Parent-Child Scenarios

Cash Application Software auto-identifies the parent company against multiple child entities with a predefined library of parent-child scenarios in the customer master. Therefore, eliminating the repetitive Identification & manual mapping of parent-child entities.

Automated Deduction Coding for Big Box Retailers

Cash Application Solution auto-identifies short payments and maps the customer reason codes with ERP-specific reason codes. A/R teams can validate whether the discounts are earned or unearned based on payment terms/trade promotions.

Auto-Remittance Capture from Checks, Emails, EDIs, Portals

Automatically capture accurate check-stub data with AI-based multiple Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engines. Auto-capture email & EDI remittances and deploy web bots to log into customer portals and extract web remittances.

Automated Capture of Claims, Proof of Deliveries

Deductions Software leverages RPA to auto-extract claims, proof of deliveries(POD), bill of lading(BOL) from emails, customer, and carrier portals. It auto-pulls promotions and commitments from Trade Promotion Management (TPM) systems.

Automated Trade Promotion Research & Faster Settlement

Seamlessly integrate with TPMs to match claims with their respective promotions and product-level deals automatically. After matching claims to the promotions and deals automatically, settlement information can be passed to the TPM.

Improved Net Recovery Rate for Invalid Deductions with AI

Deductions Software leverages AI to auto-predict invalid disputes by analyzing the past resolution trends & deduction volume. Analysts can prioritize the resolution of high-dollar value invalid deductions to ensure a faster recovery and prevent revenue leakage.

AI-Based Worklist Prioritization for Faster Collections

AI-powered Collections Software helps the collectors prioritize high-risk customers with an automatically prioritized worklist. Collectors can customize their dunning strategies for each customer with AI-recommended actions to ensure faster past-due recovery.

100% Automated Dunning for Global Customers

Collections Software automates dunning for global portfolios or even low-risk customers. Automatically send dunning emails via emails, fax or push it to the customer portals. With ready-to-use dunning templates, collectors can edit and send correspondences to thousands of customers with a few clicks.

Industry Partners & Integrations

We Partner with Leading BPOs, Consulting Firms, Banks and Integrate with Retailer Portals and Trade Promotion Management Systems to Provide Best-in-class Solutions for the O2C Space.

BPO & Consulting Partners

BPO & Consulting Partners

Banking Partners

Banking Partners

Web Portal Integrations

Web Portal Integrations

Trade Promotion Management System Integrations

Trade Promotion Management System Integrations

Customer Success Stories

Church & Dwight
Working Capital Recovered
Automated Cash Application

"We were able to redeploy some of those employees to focus on collecting back invalid deductions. So actually, after about five months of going live, we were able to click close to $6 million back in value."

Jacob Whetstone
Jacob Whetstone

Director, Credit & Accounts Receivable, Danone

Church & Dwight
Automated Cash Application
Deductions Automatically Coded

"At Church & Dwight, we always try to find the most efficient way of doing something, and HighRadius helped us with just that."

Gregory Ottalagano
Gregory Ottalagano

Manager , Credit and A/R, Church & Dwight

Collections Effectiveness Index (CEI)
Increase in Collections Team's Productivity

"You need an integrated system or a one-stop-shop with all the information in one place. Otherwise, it’s just more effort for you to search for the data from different sources. It gives you a holistic view of the customer data."

Kay Rogers
Kay Rogers

Vice President North America Financial Transactions

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