Integrated Receivables Cloud Platform

Collections Management Cloud

Optimize working capital and preserve cash
with AI-based collections for all customer segments

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HighRadius AI-Based Collections Management Cloud

Automate Your Collections Management Process

Faster Past-Due Recovery with
AI-Based Worklist Prioritization
Automated Dunning through
Emails and A/P Portal Integrations
Real-Time Visibility into Collections
Metrics and Collector’s KPIs

75% Faster Past-Due Recovery with
AI-Based Worklist Prioritization

  • Stay on top of your high-risk customers through AI-based dynamic customer segmentation 
  • Leverage AI-based payment date predictions to auto-prioritize at-risk customers and ensure faster past-due recovery 
  • Customize collections strategies with
    actions, promise to pay analysis

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Learn How Keurig Dr Pepper Improved
their Collector’s Productivity by 40%

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AI-based automated prioritization of collections worklist

Automated Dunning through Emails and A/P Portal Integrations

  • Scale-up dunning outreach with automated emails, fax. Consolidate customer’s email responses in Collections Cloud to eliminate switching platforms
  • Auto-push invoices to A/P portals and get real-time visibility into payment data against open invoices
  • Identify skipped invoices faster to prioritize your worklist

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Automate correspondence via emails, fax and push invoices to customer's portals

Real-Time Visibility into Collections Metrics and Collector’s KPIs

  • Get real-time visibility into process health metrics (bad debt, DSO, CEI) for effective collections strategies
  • Access cash projection reports at a customer-level to support working capital trends across geographies
  • Analyze collection call recordings for quality assurance, strategy efficiency and training purposes
Real-Time Visibility into Collections Metrics

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Humans + Machines for Your Collections Team With Digital Assistant Freeda

Automatically prioritize critical customers and key collection activities each day

Freeda recommends which calls to make and what emails to send. By generating a comprehensive call dashboard, Freeda gives collectors complete visibility into customer’s payment commitments, credit limit utilization, payment history, and more

Make and receive collection calls around
the globe with Freeda and Collections Cloud

Freeda lets you make collection calls to global and local customers while enabling collectors to take customer calls in Collections Cloud or have them sent to the collector’s voicemail

Automatically record calls, notes, payment commitments from a single platform

Freeda automatically records calls, captures notes, and recommends suggested actions for better customer relationships

Automated email reminders after every
collection call

Once a collection call is made, Freeda drafts and sends to the customer a call summary that includes payment reminders, promise to pay creation, and other vital actions

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Key Product Features

Prioritized Worklist based on AI-Based Prediction of Payment Date

Quick Dispute Resolution through Collections Cloud

Automated Invoice
Status Tracking

Automated Capture and Recording of Customer Calls, Notes, P2Ps

Collaboration with 3rd Party Collection Agencies through Collections Agency Data Exchange(CADE)

Enable Touchless Dunning for Low-Risk Customers

  • Auto-prioritize customers with AI-based payment predictions, promise to pay analysis, aging analysis, AI-powered
    customer segmentation 
  • Leverage AI-suggested next action items for every customer
  • Stay up-to-date with payment posting information throughout the day to eliminate erroneous collection calls

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  • Record disputes as a
    pre-deduction so that
    analysts can begin working on resolutions earlier
  • View all disputes by the customer and reassign disputes to a different analyst for seamless dispute resolution
  • Accept or reject disputes within Collections Cloud
  • Automatically push invoices to A/P portals
  • Auto-extract promise to pays from A/P portals on a real-time basis. Prioritize your worklist based on open payment commitments
  • Leverage in-built VoIP calling with integrated dialer to make collection calls
  • Store all call logs, notes, promise to pay trends in a single location
  • Leverage AI-based prediction to analyze whether a customer will break/honor the payment commitment
  • Transfer your critical invoices/accounts to 
    third-party collection agencies with a single click
  • Share complete customer background with the collections agency including customer interaction  history, payment behavior
  • Regularly monitor the agencies’ dunning activities through Collections Cloud

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  • Send automated correspondence via emails, fax, print, and mail for 100+ low-risk customers with a single click
  • Leverage ready-to-use dunning templates instead of drafting individual emails. Add, edit, or update templates based on your business requirements
  • Access all correspondence and your customer responses in Collections Cloud to avoid the hassle of switching to
    the email platform

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