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  • Introducing: Express Payments
  • Reduce Past-Due Accounts Receivable by 75%
  • Improve Collector Productivity by 30%
  • Automate Account Prioritization and Dunning
  • Send Timely Proactive Reminders to All Customers
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Collections Cloud solutions diagram

Collections Cloud Solutions

Enhance Cash Flow and Reduce DSO with Proactive Collections Management. Collections Cloud helps your collectors prioritize critical customers with AI and collect faster with touch-less dunning for low-risk customers and A/P portal integrations.


  • AI-based prioritization of customers

    Collections Cloud leverages AI capabilities to predict payment dates and analyzes promise to pay trends to come up with a prioritized work-list with recommended next steps every day. Your collectors can review the work-list and start recovering faster.
  • Touch-less dunning with automated correspondence and A/P portal integrations

    For low-risk customers, your collectors can send bulk correspondences through a single click. Collections Cloud seamlessly integrates with A/P portals to automatically past-due push invoices.
  • In-built VoIP calling to increase collector efficiency

    In-built VoIP calling with an integrated dialer enables your collectors to contact any customer across the globe. The collectors can call, send emails, log notes, and promise to pays in a single system.
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party collection agencies

    Collections Agency Data Exchange(CADE) integrates with collection agencies to outsource customer accounts as well as invoices with a single click to ensure faster recovery from critical customers.

Key Features

Automated Prediction of
Payment Date with AI

Predict payment date of invoices with Artificial Intelligence(AI) capabilities and analyze promise to pay trends to create a prioritized work-list for your collector with suggested actions.

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Real-time Visibility into all A/R KPIs

Get a holistic view of your collector’s call productivity, current state of your collections process through DSO (Day Sales Outstanding), ADD (Average Days Delinquent), and CEI (Collector Effectiveness Index), with reports and dashboards available on your desktop and mobile. Drill down into individual reports to identify bottlenecks.

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Automated Tracking of Invoice Status from A/P Portals

Capture information from multiple customer portals such as payment status of invoices and P2Ps, and update that information against the invoices in your collector’s
worklist automatically.

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Automated Capture and Recording of Customer Calls, Notes, P2Ps

Leverage Freeda, our AI-enabled digital assistant to make calls from Collections Cloud, capture call notes, P2Ps and record calls automatically. Let Freeda suggest next steps after every collection call based on your interaction.

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Faster Collections with Embedded Payment Links in Dunning Emails

Allow your customers to make payments with their preferred payment method with ‘pay now’ links that are embedded in collection emails. Once the payment is made, the information flows directly to cash application for faster cash posting and updates invoice status on your ERP.

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Automated Dunning for
Low-Risk Customers

Enable touchless dunning for your low risk customers via email, fax, and print and mail with easy-to-create correspondence templates as well as packages to include invoices and account statements.

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Next Gen Collections Cloud


Real-time visibility on collector productivity and A/R KPIs

Gain a holistic process view with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards and leverage the mobile app to enable on-the-go visibility into real-time A/R and team productivity along with the ability to track key collection metrics including DSO (Day Sales Outstanding), ADD (Average Days Delinquent), and CEI (Collector Effectiveness Index). Receivables Analytics offers intuitive data visualization which helps you drill down into individual reports to identify bottlenecks or issues in the collections process.

Collections Cloud AI-Edition: Predict invoice payment dates for proactive collections

Collection analysts are able to predict payment date using the Rivana Artificial Intelligence platform. The smart system enables sending auto-reminders to the customers based on the predicted payment date. Credit and collections teams could leverage AI-driven insights on customer behavior and payment trends to build smarter collections worklists and proactive collections strategies.

Automate capture of payment commitments and reduce up to 70% of the collectors' workload

Run automatic campaigns with the radiusOneTM Network to prompt customers to directly register payment commitments on the portal. These commitments are then synced back to your collections worklist and auto-reminders are set for the committed dates. This not only helps the collectors to focus on past-due accounts which do not have payment commitments but also ensures a proactive collections approach towards committed invoices.

What our customers say

Colleen Zdrojewski

Vice President – Financial Services
Dr Pepper Snapple Group
With HighRadius, we have seen Financial Services costs decline by $2.5M while volume, quality and productivity increased.

Mike Pettyjohn

Head of Accounts Receivable, Finance Business Services
The HighRadius team is excellent and I am excited about our ongoing partnership using the Integrated Receivables platform.

Marinko Marijolovic

Director, Corporate Credit Services
We started seeing immediate results upon implementation. 100%+ efficiency gain.
Understand, Simplify, Automate: Saving $2 Million with Continuous Improvement
Reduction in Days Sales Outstanding in Less than One Year
Securing the Scalability of Credit and A/R with 75% Reduction in Past-Due

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