Order To Cash Suite

AI analysis and recommendations for data-driven decisions. Integrated workflows for unifying AR teams. Automation of routine tasks to focus on high-value activities.

Reduce DSO by 20%. Improve productivity by 30%.
$100,000+ savings in hard costs.

Collections Management

Key Modules

  • AI Prioritized Worklists
  • In-App Dialer
  • Intelligent Email Inbox
  • Advanced Dunning

Improve Operational KPIs

  • 2X Collection Calls
  • 3x Collection Emails
  • 10X Automated Emails
  • 4X Weekly Past Due Coverage

Deliver Business Outcomes

  • Reduce Past Due by 20%
  • Increase Collections productivity by 30%

Cash Application Management

Key Modules

  • AI Remittance Aggregation
  • Remittance Portal Automation
  • Remittance Auto-Matching
  • AI-Guided Exception Management

Improve Operational KPIs

  • 90%+ Item Automation rate
  • 40% Faster Exception Handling

Deliver Business Outcomes

  • Eliminate Bank Key-in Fees for Check Lockbox Processing
  • Increase Cash App Analyst Productivity by 40%

Deductions Management

Key Modules

  • AI Deductions Validity Predictor
  • Claim Backup Automation
  • Deductions Auto Coding
  • Pricing Deductions Research Automation
  • Trade Promotion Auto-Matching
  • Automated Workflows & Collaboration

Improve Operational KPIs

  • 80%+ Claim Backup Aggregation
  • 30% Improvement in Avg Days to Resolve
  • 2x Deductions Resolved per day

Deliver Business Outcomes

  • Improve Net Recovery by 30%
  • Increase Deductions Analyst Productivity by 30%

Credit Management

Key Modules

  • Online Credit Application
  • Credit Workflow Management
  • Credit Agency Integration
  • Financial Statement Data Extraction
  • Credit Review & Decisioning

Improve Operational KPIs

  • 70% Faster Customer Onboarding
  • 3x Credit Reviews per day
  • 30% Reduction in Blocked Orders

Deliver Business Outcomes

  • Reduce Bad Debt by 10%
  • Increase Credit Analyst Productivity by 30%

Electronic Invoicing

Key Modules

  • Self-Serve Buyer Portal
  • AP Portal Invoicing
  • e-Adoption Campaign Management
  • Email Invoice Delivery
  • Buyer Supplier Collaboration

Improve Operational KPIs

  • 100% Automated Invoice Delivery
  • 30% Increase in Electronic Payments Adoption

Deliver Business Outcomes

  • Increase Invoicing Productivity by 50%
  • Global e-Invoicing Mandate Compliance

B2B Payments Suite

Key Features

  • Payment Gateway
  • Surcharge Management
  • Interchange Fee Optimizer
  • Payment Gateway for SAP

Improve Operational KPIs

  • 80% of Eligible Transactions via Level III
  • 80% of Eligible Transactions Surcharged

Deliver Business Outcomes

  • 20% Interchange Fee reduction
  • Global PCI Compliance

400+ Enterprise Customers

Enterprise Customers

600+ Mid-Market Customers

Enterprise Customers

95% Automated Cash Posting
With auto-remittance capture. Read More


$20M from Invalid Deductions
With A/R automation.
Read More


67% Reduction in ADD
With AI-enabled worklist prioritization. Read More

Challenges Every Order To Cash Team Goes Through

The manual, repititive tasks and siloed order to cash processes cause your A/R to be roadblock in creating working capital impact.

Teams Operating in Siloes

Lack of internal collaboration and visibility amongst the A/R processes hamper working capital and customer experience Read more.

Problem with Multiple ERPs

Multiple ERP systems and diverse business units make it difficult to get end to end view of the order-to-cash cycle Read more.

Intensive Daily Operations

Manual processes leave no time for decision making and analysis and forces teams to hire more resource Read more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the credit management software integrate with ERP and other systems?

We are an ERP-agnostic software that integrates with all of the ERPs, like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Oracle, NetSuite, etc.

How much time does it take to implement HighRadius credit cloud software?

HighRadius' industry-defining Speed to Value methodology ensures faster time to implementation and quicker ROI (in 3 to 6 months) through a combination of out-of-the-box functionalities, agile implementation methodologies, and a focus on the outcome metrics.

How do you analyze the credit risk of our customers?

We collate your customer's payment history and combine this with the data gathered from credit agencies to come up with a risk category and a credit limit.

What is the pricing for your credit cloud software?

Typically our pricing has two components: the one-time setup fees and a monthly recurring subscription fee. You can get on a call with us and get customized pricing according to your business needs.

Does HighRadius credit management software integrate with credit agencies?

As a part of our partner programs, we auto-aggregate credit data from 40+ agencies and public sources like D&B, Experian, CreditSafe, etc.

What are the top three benefits of using automated credit risk software?

Online credit applications for onboarding new customers, pre-configured credit scoring models to auto-calculate the credit score, risk class, and credit limit and an approval workflow for authorizing changes to the credit limit are the top three benefits of using automated credit management software.

How is HighRadius different from credit bureaus and agencies that provide all our customers' financial information?

HighRadius is an autonomous order to cash management that integrates with your SAP and helps you automate all your financial processes - credit risk monitoring, collections, invoices, deductions, cash application, and more. While bureaus just help you with financial information and reports, HighRadius helps you use that information to predict customer behavior, suggest immediate action, analyze productivity, and keep your collections team in sync with the credit team.

How does the credit cloud software handle data security and privacy?

Security is paramount to each of our customers as it is to us. We are SSAE16 Soc I Type II certified, PCI-DSS compliant, and CSA registered. We strictly follow all industry standards and best practices.