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Credit Cloud Solutions

Streamline credit management to achieve proactive, agile, and efficient risk management operations. Enabling credit managers to make quicker and more accurate decisions with real-time credit data insights from credit agencies, bureaus, and public financials.


  • Configurable, multi-language online credit application

    Online credit applications simplify the process of aggregating customer data and reduce the to-and-fro with the customer for omitted or incorrectly entered credit information.
  • Customizable credit scoring engine

    Flexible credit scoring models, unique to the requirements of your company’s credit policy helps the credit team make faster credit decisions.
  • Credit agency data aggregation engine

    Credit agency reports, public financials, and other decision inputs are auto-extracted from agencies such as D&B, Experian, CreditSafe, NACM, and made readily available with the application and during periodic reviews.
  • Collaborative credit management workflow

    A collaboration platform drives efficient approval hierarchies with both customer and internal notifications about credit decisions.

Key Features

Online Credit Application

Speed up credit application processing by capturing complete and valid information for new credit applications from your customers with an easy-to-use, customizable form which is capable of syncing directly with your credit management systems.

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Credit Information Aggregation

Automate the retrieval of essential credit reports and information from all leading agencies such as D&B and Experian, credit insurance data providers such as Euler Hermes and Atradius, and public financials from Edgar.

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Credit Scoring and Risk Assessment Automation

Simplify credit scoring with models customizable across geographies and customer segments with the ability to automatically assign credit limits for low-risk, high-volume customers.

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Credit Management Workflows

Standardize workflows for credit management, and collaborate with external stakeholders including sales, customer service for customer on-boarding, periodic reviews, blocked order release, credit limit assignment, collateral renewal, and approval of credit requests.

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Approval Workflows

Ensure process compliance by ensuring that important credit decisions are approved through the right hierarchy and stakeholders.

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Bank and Trade Reference Check

Fast-track credit application processing by automating correspondence with customer-provided bank and trade references and tracking responses.

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Next Gen Credit Management


Real-time visibility on credit health and analyst productivity

Gain end-to-end process visibility with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to track team productivity and key credit metrics including credit utilization, bad-debt, customer onboarding time, blocked order resolution speed, periodic review coverage, and analyst productivity. Receivables Analytics offers intuitive data visualization which helps you drill down into individual reports to identify bottlenecks or issues in the credit management process.

Predict blocked orders and take proactive action for faster resolution

Fast-track the resolution of blocked orders as the Rivana Artificial Intelligence Engine predicts the likelihood of future orders being blocked by studying parameters including credit availability, past purchase frequency, and current payment behavior. Predicting blocked orders enables credit teams to proactively direct the collection efforts for the identified accounts.

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Assistant Treasurer
Huntsman Corporation
We have come a long way with HighRadius. They have really helped us with the manual work and with the business growing, that’s definitely helping us to move forward.
J.J. Keller
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