Autonomous Receivables for Order to Cash

AI-Based Deduction Management Software

Reduce Days Deduction Outstanding(DDO) and improve your net recovery rate

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HighRadius Deductions Management Cloud-based Software

Automate Your Deductions Management Process

Auto-Extraction of Backup Documents
Faster, Automated Research for Trade and Non-Trade Deductions

Auto-Extraction of Backup Documents

  • Leverage RPA to auto-aggregate claims, proof of deliveries(POD), bill of lading(BOL) from emails, customer and carrier portals
  • Automatically capture line-item data present in claim documents
  • Auto-link claims, PODs, BOLs to their respective deductions
    so analysts can laser-focus on the resolution

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Auto-Extraction of Backup Documents Such as Claims, PODs & BOLs

Faster, Automated Research for Trade and Non-Trade Deductions

  • Integrate with Trade Promotion Management (TPM) to
    auto- match deductions with promotions and deals
  • Automate return and pricing variance analysis using
    Sales invoice, pricing sheet, and claims data
  • Automatically offset deductions with credits based on
    business rules

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Automated Research for Trade and Non-Trade Deductions

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Improve the Net Recovery Rate with AI-Based Dispute Validity Predictor

Automatically identify invalid deductions with Artificial Intelligence

Leverage ML algorithms to analyze historical validity trends and resolution patterns. Predict invalid deductions through our AI-based dispute validity predictor

Automatically prioritize invalid deductions with a worklist

Auto-prioritize invalid deductions with a deductions worklist. Based on business rules, auto-assign deductions to the appropriate owner/processor to fast-track resolution

Automatically write off low dollar value valid deductions

Let your analysts focus on high dollar value-invalid deductions while you can automatically write off low dollar value-valid deductions based on business rules.

Trigger a workflow to notify collectors and recover faster

Trigger a workflow to notify your collectors about invalid deductions so that they can reach out to the customer and recover those faster.

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Key Product Features

Collaborative E-Workflows for Deduction Status Tracking, Approval and Settlement

Automated Deduction Correspondence to Maximize Results

Automated Data-Push to Customer Portals

  • Trigger approval workflows to various stakeholders in the hierarchy to fast-track deduction resolution
  • Deliver better visibility and accountability with centralized repository of notes and next action items
  • Improve productivity through bulk actions on deductions such as sending out correspondence, easy assignment of a dispute, and notes creation

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  • Get ready-to-use correspondence templates for customers, internal stakeholders for quick approval or missing backup data request
  • Automatically send correspondence through email, fax, print, and mail or post it on the customer portal
  • Automatically consolidate the customer email responses In one single place
  • Auto-push denial correspondences to customer portals to notify them about invalid deductions
  • Resolve invalid claims faster by auto-attaching backup documents including PODs, BOLs
  • Eliminate manual efforts lost in logging into A/P portals multiple times a day. Post credit memos to customer web portals with a single click
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