Treasury Management Applications

Artificial Intelligence Enabled Cloud Solutions To Forecast Cash with Increased Accuracy, Enable Greater Visibility and Control Into Cash Positions Across Bank Accounts and To Automate Reconciliation of Bank Statements with The General Ledger

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What is Treasury Management?

The HighRadius™ Treasury Management Platform are a suite of AI-powered solutions designed to support treasury teams across all industries by automating and enhancing their cash forecasting, cash management and bank reconciliation processes.

The Treasury Management Applications include the world's first Artificial Intelligence-powered Cash Forecasting Cloud, The Cash Management Cloud and Bank reconciliation.

The HighRadius™ Treasury Management Applications are unique in the approach that they are powered by an Artificial Intelligence technology created exclusively to redefine the forecasting, bank reconciliation and cash management processes so that treasurers spend lesser manual effort but extract better outcomes such as making more accurate cash forecasts across all cash flow categories, increased forecasting frequency and variance reporting, gaining instant visibility into real-time cash positions across bank accounts at any level and achieving 99%+ straight-through the reconciliation of bank statements without human intervention.

The solutions are delivered via cloud which enables them to be seamlessly integrated with multiple systems including your ERP, TMS, accounting systems and banks instantly and simultaneously.


Treasury Management Applications

Cash Forecasting Cloud

Accurate cash flow forecasts delivered automatically by Artificial Intelligence
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Cash Management Cloud

Enable greater visibility and control on cash positions across all your bank accounts
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Bank Reconciliation Cloud

Enrich your bank statements to achieve seamless straight through processing
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Finance Foundational Applications

HighRadius Rivana Artificial Intelligence Engine enables high-accuracy cash forecasting and zero-touch, straight through bank reconciliation.
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Freeda Artificial Intelligence-enabled Digital Assistant for Treasury is capable of answering questions and helping with work just like a knowledgeable colleague or reliable resource.
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