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Completely automated daily cash positioning. Optimize investments & borrowings by tracking financial instruments.

Hands-free cash reconciliation to increase analyst productivity by 70%.

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Cash Management Modules


Bank Connectivity

Out-of-the-Box Support. Real-time bank data access with bank API support, versatile formats, and imports. More


Bank Balances

100% Cash Visibility. Centralized bank balance analysis across multiple accounts with custom views and data exploration. More

Cash Positioning

Daily Cash Positioning

Automated Daily Cash Positioning. Focus on making decisions, not building cash position worksheets manually. More

AI-based E-Mail Remittance Capture

Cash Reconciliation

Automated Cash Reconciliation. Automated cash-to-bank reconciliation for variance analysis and handling discrepancies. More

Financial Instrument Management

Debt/Investment Management

Streamline Debt/ Investment Tracking. Manage various financial instruments in one place with integrated cash flow tracking. More

Intercompany Account Management

Intercompany Management

Track Intercompany Accounts. Automatically mirror intercompany transactions to update cash positions. More


Key Modules

  • Bank Connectivity
  • Bank Balances
  • Daily Cash Positioning
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • Debt/Investment Management
  • Intercompany Management


Improve Operational KPIs

  • 100% Automated Bank Integration
  • 98% Automated Cash Transaction Tagging

Deliver Business Outcomes

  • Increase Cash Management Productivity by 70%
  • Make Quicker Short Term Liquidity Decisions

Key Modules

  • Bank Connectivity
  • Bank Balances
  • Daily Cash Positioning
  • Cash Reconciliation
  • Debt/Investment Management
  • Intercompany Management

Improve Operational KPIs

  • 100% Automated Bank Integration
  • 98% Automated Cash Transaction Tagging

Deliver Business Outcomes

  • Increase Cash Management Productivity by 70%

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HighRadius Cash Management Solution Overview

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FAQs: AI-Powered Treasury Cash Flow Management Software

What is cash flow management software?

Cloud-based cash flow management software is designed to streamline and optimize cash flow management processes for businesses. It offers features such as cash positioning, cash reconciliation, liquidity management, debt and investment management, and treasury analytics, helping organizations efficiently manage their cash flows and improve financial decision-making

What are the benefits of using cash flow management tools?

Cash flow management tools offer multiple advantages, such as improved cash flow visibility and forecasting accuracy. Its streamlined cash positioning, achieved through 100% automated bank integration, and advanced liquidity management, including 98% automated cash tagging of each transaction, drive financial performance for businesses.

How does a cash flow management system help in cash positioning?

A cash flow management system automatically brings in debt/investment and inter-company cash flows into cash position data to provide you with real-time, automated daily cash positioning. It also provides pre-configured cash position templates that are easy to set up and enable you to quickly slice and dice data and switch views of cash by entity, bank, location, and/or currency.

What are the features of a cash flow management software?

The best cash flow management software's features include robust cash forecasting capabilities, automated cash positioning processes, advanced liquidity management tools like debt and investment tracking, and comprehensive treasury analytics. With its intuitive interface and customizable dashboards, it provides you with the best cash flow management tools to optimize financial performance.

How to choose the right cash management software for your organization?

Unlike other cash flow management tools that require manual data entry for creating cash position worksheets, you must choose a software that helps you slice and dice data easily with its integrations and switch to view balances by company, country, bank, or currency.

Does a cash management software integrate with my ERP?

Cash management software must seamlessly integrate with most ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Workday, and Microsoft Dynamics, among others. This integration ensures smooth data exchange between your ERP and cash flow management tool, allowing for accurate financial reporting and streamlined cash management processes without disrupting your existing workflows.

How much time does it take to implement a cash management software?

The implementation time varies from one cash flow management software to another and depends on the complexity of your organization's requirements. However, the HighRadius Speed to Value methodology guarantees swift implementation and ROI realization within 3 to 6 months, setting an industry benchmark. Our dedicated implementation team works closely with you to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruption to your current process.

Does a cash flow management system integrate with banks?

A cash flow management system seamlessly integrates with a wide range of banks and financial institutions. Its flexible integration capabilities ensure that payment information from all the industry-standard bank payment files and formats is captured, providing real-time visibility and control over your financial transactions and balances.

How much IT involvement is needed to maintain a cloud-based cash management software?

A cloud-based cash management software must be designed for minimal IT involvement. With seamless plug-and-play integration into ERPs using real-time APIs and Hex (SFTP) connectors, along with pre-built modules and industry-specific best practices, customers can deploy HighRadius remotely with ease, reducing all IT dependencies.

How does a cash flow management software handle data security and privacy?

A cash flow management software prioritizes data security and privacy, adhering to stringent industry standards such as GDPR, ISO, PCI DSS, HIPAA, and SOC. HighRadius employs robust encryption protocols and role-based access controls to safeguard your sensitive financial data, ensuring the utmost confidentiality and compliance with regulatory requirements.
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