Autonomous Receivables

World’s Only AI-Powered Accounts Receivable Solution to Create Working Capital Impact

Reduce DSO and bad debt with the best Accounts Receivable Management Software. Connect credit, billing & invoicing, cash application, deductions, and collections into a single business process. Build a high performance culture for your O2C teams.

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  • Real-time credit risk monitoring
  • New customer onboarding
  • Faster reviews with configurable scoring models and workflows
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  • Automated invoicing
  • Global payment support for buyers
  • Improved customer experience with self-service buyer portals
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Cash App
  • Auto-invoice matching and deduction coding
  • Automated remittance aggregation
  • AI-based exception Handling
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  • Auto-capture of backup documents
  • Automated deductions research
  • AI-based prediction of invalid disputes
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  • AI-based worklist prioritization
  • Automated dunning via emails, web portals
  • Dispute management
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Here's Why You Should Choose Autonomous Receivables

Faster Receivables Conversion due to Connected A/R Processes

  • Eliminate order to cash process silos to make data-driven decisions with AI-enabled accounts receivable solution.
  • For instance, Collectors having real-time visibility into customer’s risk class can prioritize at-risk customers to contact.

A/R Teams Able to Focus on High-Value Tasks

  • With the power of AI and RPA, A/R leaders can do more with less.
  • One of the core/major accounts receivable software features is the automation of clerical tasks including cash application, backup document aggregation.

360-Degree Visibility of Global Process Health

  • Access 100+ out-of-box dashboards and reports to track receivables performance globally.
  • Execs can drill down further to analyze the analyst’s productivity.

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The Power of Humans + Machines Driving Real Working Capital Impact


High Performance Success Stories

With HighRadius, we have seen Financial Services costs decline by $2.5M while volume, quality and productivity increased.

Coleen Zdrojewski

Coleen Zdrojewski

Vice President – Financial Services

The HighRadius team is excellent and I am excited about our ongoing partnership using the Integrated Receivables platform.

Mike Pettyjohn

Mike Pettyjohn

Head of Accounts Receivable, Finance Business Services

HighRadius Integrated Receivables reduced the amount of effort required in every process to a bare minimum. It helped the team focus on more important cases which required more human touch like strategic decision making and creating a better relationships with customers.

Kay Rogers

Kay Rogers

North America Financial Transactions Director

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Finance Foundational Applications


Freeda is an Artificial Intelligence-enabled Digital Assistant for the entire credit and A/R team.

It is capable of answering questions and helping with work just like a knowledgeable colleague or reliable resource.

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HighRadius Rivana™ provides Artificial Intelligence for high-impact decision making across HighRadius solutions for credit, collections, deductions, cash application, billing, and payments.

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Build a high-performance culture by benchmarking 60+ KPIs against your industry peers.

Get real-time visibility into the key leading and lagging indicators, product usage metrics, and analyst performance metrics that help you track the early stages of digital transformation success.

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