E-Invoicing and Payment Cloud

Lower Your Invoicing Costs by 70%
Deliver Invoices via Emails, Web Portals and Mail
PCI-DSS Compliant, Level-III Card Processing

Solution Overview

Online E-Invoicing Payment & Presentment Cloud HighRadius: Process Flow

Faster invoicing and payment collection, better customer service, and improved profitability and cash flow.

  • Automated invoice transmission and payment collection portal.
  • Supports multiple invoice formats and letter templates.
  • Multiple delivery modes including emails, online customer portals, and post.
  • Single repository providing buyer and suppliers access to previous and current invoices.
  • Payments through the mode of choice including ACH, checks, credit cards, virtual cards.
  • Invoice related back up attachments to minimize disputes and short pays.

Key Features

Self-Service Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Customers access and manage all of their invoices and account statements, create disputes, and make payments in multiple formats through a single self-administered portal.

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Invoicing Across Email, Fax, Print & Mail or Third-Party Websites

Invoicing Across Email, Fax, Print & Mail or Third-Party Websites

Automate the delivery of invoices and account statements through email or fax or push the information to customer portals and third-party websites.

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Payments with ACH, Credit Cards, and e-Checks

Payments with ACH, Credit Cards, and e-Checks

Support multiple payment formats and help your customers use ACH, Credit Cards, Prepaid-Cards, Virtual Cards, and e-Checks to pay their invoices.

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Level-III Interchange and Surcharge

Level-III Interchange and

Process credit cards at lowest possible interchange rates through leveraging Level III Data by integrating your ERP with the processor and bank of your choice through EIPP Cloud. Collect additional surcharge based on customer, state, or geography.

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Scheduled, Recurring, and On-Account Payments

Scheduled, Recurring, and On-Account Payments

Schedule payments for future processing, leverage direct debits for recurring payments, and enable your customers to make/initiate payments on-account.

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Dispute Management


Enable customers to share details and supporting documents for claims. Upload documents including proof-of-delivery, bill-of-lading, and other shipping documents along with the invoice to prevent invalid deductions.

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What our customers say

The Future of EIPP Cloud is here

Integrated Receivables Analytics Software by HighRadius
HighRadius's Account Receivables Analytics

Real-time visibility on electronic adoption trends and payment processing costs

Spot e-adoption trends with real-time tracking to analyze customer segments for e-invoicing and e-payment adoption and usage, and stay on top of payment acceptance costs across payment methods and formats.

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RadiusOne: Accounts Receivable Network by HighRadius
HighRadius - RadiusOne : Drive e-adoption using smart campaigns

Drive e-adoption using smart campaigns and enable customers to connect with QuickBooks

Run targeted campaigns to increase adoption of electronic invoicing and payments. Enable faster invoicing and payments for your SMB customers by offering integration between radiusOneTM and QuickBooks to directly deliver invoices to their accounting system.

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Success Stories

adidas $200,000

Annual Recurring Savings in Print and Postage

Reckitt Benckiser 98%

Cost Saving Compared to Print and Mail

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