Autonomous Receivables for Order to Cash

Credit Risk Management Software

Mitigate risk with real-time credit risk visibility. Get comprehensive workflows to manage your global portfolios.

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AI-Powered Credit Management Software by HighRadius

Automate Your Credit Management Process

Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring to Ensure Lower Bad Debt
Lower Blocked Order Volume with AI-Based Predictions
Reduction in Customer Onboarding Time

100% Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring to Ensure Lower Bad Debt

  • Track changes in customer credit risk and payment behavior
  • Access unlimited customer credit reports to get 360° visibility
  • Revise credit limits and rescore your customers based on
    real-time credit risk alerts

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Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring

Lower Blocked Order Volume with AI-Based Predictions

  • Leverage AI to predict blocked orders based on past order volumes and payment patterns
  • Make better credit decisions through
    AI-based order release recommendations
  • Auto-release blocked orders based on information aggregated from EIPP and Cash Application

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AI-Based Blocked Order Prediction

67% Reduction in Customer Onboarding Time

  • Capture complete and accurate credit data with a customizable online credit application
  • Leverage pre-filled applications from sales or auto-extracted customer data from CRM tools
  • Get real-time alerts whenever your customer submits the application to begin the credit evaluation

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Online Credit Application

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Simplifying Credit Management for Large, Global Enterprises

Multi-language credit applications for onboarding customers globally

Leverage an online credit application to onboard your customers. The credit application can be translated into any required language

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Get a consolidated view of credit risk globally

Seamlessly integrate across multiple ERPs, business units, and review credit risk in a standard, global currency. Enable your local credit teams to review credit risk in their preferred currency

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Auto-extract credit data from 40+ credit agencies and bureaus

Extract credit reports, ratings, financials, and credit insurance information from 40+ global and local agencies

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Customize scoring models based on geographies, business units

Fast-track credit decisions across geographies and complex internal hierarchies with configurable scoring models and approval workflows

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Key Product Features

Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring

Configurable Scoring Models & Approval Workflows

Highly Configurable Online Credit Application

Automatically Extract Credit Data

AI-Based Blocked Order Management

Seamless Integration with Collections, Payments & Deductions

  • Real-time credit alerts for changes in your customer’s credit profile, payments profile, filings
  • Data-driven credit decisions from unlimited credit reports and automated monitoring
  • Integrate with your existing ERP and get started in just 30 days 

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  • Leverage pre-built credit data integration in credit scoring models
  • Automate credit decisions based on your credit management strategy
  • Fast-track credit approvals across complex corporate hierarchies

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  • Auto-embed the online credit application on your website  
  • Auto-capture financials, personal guarantees from your customers with an online credit application
  • Automate bank reference checks with

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  • Auto-extract credit data from 40+ global and local credit agencies
  • Configure auto-extracted data in the preferred currency

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  • Auto-predict blocked orders based on customer credit limit utilization and payment history
  • Leverage AI-based release or partial payment recommendations for faster credit decisions
  • Share credit intelligence with collectors such as credit limit, score, risk class, credit exposure
  • Review collectible amount to calculate adjusted credit exposure and release or block order
  • Dynamically update credit exposure by leveraging payment, promise to pay, and dispute information

The Autonomous Experience Is Now Available on Credit

Autonomous Receivables is a revolutionary AI-enabled user experience that combines the true power of humans plus machines. With Autonomous Credit your team can manage blocked orders, perform rapid-fast and accurate credit reviews.

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