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Frequently Asked Questions

It's an adjustable online form where businesses gather information from potential customers, including company details, contacts, references, and document uploads like financials and certificates.

The system continually checks customer portfolios using automated algorithms, examining datasets from various sources like customer records, orders, and even external credit agencies, to adjust credit limits as needed.

It creates a daily list for credit analysts to review customer accounts, prioritized based on reasons like credit limit exceeded, blocked orders, new applications, bankruptcy alerts, expiring collaterals, and periodic reviews.

It seamlessly connects to over 25 credit agencies, collecting detailed credit data beyond PDF reports, including crucial fields that feed into credit scoring calculations, enhancing our understanding of customer creditworthiness.

This feature automates the collection of assets like bank guarantees or letters of credit from customers requesting high credit limits or in high-risk sectors like construction or oil and gas, providing a safety net for credit risks."