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Fast-track credit evaluations by automating credit scoring across the globe and expediting credit approvals with automated workflows.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A credit scoring software gathers data from financial institutions and credit agencies to evaluate the creditworthiness of a customer.

What algorithms are used for credit scoring?

Autmated credit scoring software uses pre-configured credit scoring model to auto-calculate the credit score, risk class and credit limit of a customer.

How is AI used for credit scoring?

The Highradius credit scoring software solution leverages AI-based data aggregation technology to automatically pull credit bureau reports and financial information on applicants, eliminating the need to compile the data backup manually.

Once the credit scoring software has suggested a credit limit, your team can either approve or deny this limit; and, the approval process is a multi-tier process.

Once the credit scoring software suggests a credit limit, your credit analyst can approve the credit limit directly within the system or can send it to the supervisor/manager for approval, either by sending an approval email to the manager or sending notifications through the system itself.

Automatically get credit score, risk class, revised credit limit based on comprehensive scoring model and expedite credit approvals with an automated credit scoring software.