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Achieving 99% Automated Cash Posting for 12 Million Invoices Per Year

  • 99% Automated Cash Application
  • 96% Check Level Hit Rate
  • 62% of Targeted End-Users adopted EIPP
  • 75% of Resources Reallocated to Higher-Value Tasks
  • 50% Decrease in Manual Payment Processing
  • 70% Reduction in Paper Statements
Cash Application
Business Transformation Stories

Earlier we had 6 Cash App folks. We had 5 dispute analysts and 15 collectors. With HighRadius, we now have 1.5 cash application processors, 4 dispute analysts and 9 collectors and our hit rates are great. We have a 96% check level hit rate and a 99% percent transaction-level hit rate.

Lauren Kennedy
Former Manager, Retailer Financial Services
American Greetings
How did HighRadius help


Slow Cash Posting due to Manual Remittance Aggregation for Multiple Remittance Formats

Due to a diverse customer base, each customer chose a different payment option – resulting in multiple formats. American Greetings grappled with delayed cash application and open A/R.

Missing Remittances Encountered for Big Box Retailers and Mom & Pop Stores

For customers like big box retailers and mom & pop stores, American Greetings encountered no remittance scenarios. Incase of no information available, the cash remained unapplied.

Delayed Cash Application due to 100% Manual Processing of Credit Card Payments

The A/R team manually processed approximately 6,300 credit card payments manually. There was no automatic capture or creation of remittance data for credit card payments, slowing down their cash posting.

Below-par Customer Experience due to Lack of Self-Service Payment Portal

Majority of the customers requested duplicate copies of paper invoices. Sending these invoices via courier services resulted in high costs and were delivered late – leading to unhappy customers.

Mismanagement of Customer-Specific Pricing & Offering Discounts due to Complexities in Payments Processing

American Greetings offers highly customized pricing and discounting options. Their collections team had to deal with a lot of incomplete or overpayments. Therefore, they had to reach out to their customers for relevant information, which further affected customer relationships.


American Greetings is a privately owned American company and is a leader in paper greeting cards, electronic greeting cards, gift packaging, stickers and party products.


Media & Publishing


North America


$1.7 Billion


Cash Application

How did HighRadius Help

75% Reduction in Manpower with Automated Capture of Remittance Data from Various Sources

With HighRadius Cash Application Software, American Greetings was able to automatically extract remittance data and was able to reallocate 75% of their cash application resources to other critical tasks.

99% Automated Cash Posting with Automated Remittance Prediction for Missing Remittances & Unidentified Payments

HighRadius AI-Based Cash Application Software suggests missing remittances to payments coming in, and allows the team to choose from multiple suggestions provided by the solution.

50% Automated Credit Card Payment Processing Resulting in Faster Cash Posting

With HighRadius EIPP Solution, American Greetings has been able to reduce the credit card payment processing by 50%. Processing auto credit card payments has ensured faster cash application.

62% End-Users Moved to E-Payments with Auto-Invoicing Catering to Diverse Customer Preferences

With the HighRadius EIPP Solution, the A/R team of American Greetings was able to provide a self-service customer portal. Thereby, reducing paper statements by 70% and eliminating high paper and courier costs, involved in sending out a huge volume of invoices.

Effective Customer Discounts Management with Automated Payments Portal & Enabling 360° Payment History Visibility

With HighRadius EIPP Solution, American Greetings can easily login and track invoice status and payment status of customers. Further, the A/R team can create disputes, discounts for specific customers.


Automated Cash Application
Check Level Hit Rate
of Targeted End-Users adopted EIPP
of Resources Reallocated to Higher-Value Tasks
Decrease in Manual Payment Processing
Reduction in Paper Statements

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