In 10 years: Dead or alive

Future of Global Business Services

Question 1
Will Business Process Outsourcing be Dead or Alive?
Question 2
Will large Physical Service Centers be Dead or Alive?
Question 3
Will Robotic Process Automation (RPA) be Dead or Alive?
Question 4
Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) be Dead or Alive?
Question 5
Will India as a Primary Service Center Location be Dead or Alive?
Question 6
Will GBS as an organization be Dead or Alive?


Jay Cheedella
Jay Cheedella
VP of GBS , Hershey’s

Hershey’s Jay Cheedella talks about the future of Global Business Services

Jay Cheedella, Vice President of GBS at Hershey’s voices her thoughts on the GBS model 10 years from now.
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Episode 7
Puneet Uppal
Puneet Uppal
Head of GBS, Diageo

Diageo’s Puneet Uppal talks about how RPA is fading away gradually.

Puneet Uppal, Head of GBS at Diageo shares his excellent thoughts on the potential of the next generation automation in today’s GBS space.
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Episode 6
Gavin Ifield
VP & Head of GBS, AECOM

AECOM’s Gavin talks about just like the iPhone, RPA does not look much different in all these years!

Gravin Ifield, VP & Head of GBS at AECOM, shares his thoughts on the untapped areas in the GBS today that can unlock tremendous value for every GBS organization.
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Episode 5
Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols
Chief GBS Officer , WPP

WPP’s Suzanne talks about how bringing more functional depth can help you unlock greater value in your GBS!

Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols, Chief GBS Officer at WPP shares her insights on the evolution of GBS and how companies can leverage it to unlock even better ROI.
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Episode 4
Manoj Kalra
Manoj Kalra
SVP, Head of group business services

DSM’s Manoj Kalra talks about how to continuously evolve in the GBS space.

Manoj Kalra, SVP and Head of GBS, at DSM answers the most debatable questions related to the future of GBS.
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Episode 3
Cindy Gallagher
Pavan Pamidimarri
SVP, Finance Operations & Sourcing

Levi’s Pavan Pamidimarri talks about why now is the perfect time to invest in AI for GBS.

Pavan Pamidimarri, SVP Finance Operations & Sourcing at Levi Strauss & Co. shares his insights on the most controversial questions related to the future of Shared Service Centers in India and a lot more.
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Episode 2
Cindy Gallagher
Cindy Gallagher
SVP Shared Services

Gannett’s Cindy Gallagher talks about how RPA will be dead in ten years (and more!)

Cindy is the Senior Vice President of Shared Services at Gannett and a business leader with over 20+ years of experience. She is a recognized board member of SSON and has worked in top organizations like AOL and Discovery Communications.
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Episode 1