Connected Workspace

Allow R2R Analysts to share their workpapers for each GL account task category for review and approval. Allow non-finance users to provide inputs to complete tasks.


How Connected Workspaces Help in creating an Audit-friendly and SOX Compliant R2R Operations

Attach supporting documents at a click

  • Ability to attach multiple doc formats such as .docx, .xlsx, pdf, jpeg, pptx etc.
  • Workings of the task available at a single click

Commentary to assist review process

  • Ability to include commentary and short notes to the task
  • Assists the reviewer and Auditor in summarizing the actions performed on the task

Hassle-free approval or rejection

  • Approver can Approve/Reject a task with ease at one click. Rejected tasks mandate a commentary by the approver
  • Approved tasks move forward in the workflow. Rejected tasks get redirected to the processor’s queue

Team collaboration using chat functionality

  • Allow users to Collaborate with team members using chat functionality to exchange messages, screenshots, documents
  • Ability to pull in team members from an organization into the chat
  • Integration of this chat functionality to Freeda