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Automate all manual tasks, from ERP data fetching to journal entries posting, with the only solution that proactively auto-resolves anomalies and scales with your business.

2x Month-End Close With No Budget Burns How Our Features Beat FloQast

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Why Accounting Teams Prefer HighRadius over FloQast

Accounting Automation

Improve Operational KPIs

Improve Operational KPIs

  • 50% Close Task Automation
  • 95% Journal Posting Automation
  • 100% Close Checklist Completion
  • 90% Transaction Auto Match Rate
  • 80% Reconciliation Automation
  • 100% GL Accounts Coverage
Deliver Business Outcomes

Deliver Business Outcomes

  • 40% Close Productivity Improvement
  • 30% Reduction in Days to Close
  • 50% Improved Reconciliation Productivity
  • 30% Reduction in Days to Reconcile
Why Accounting Teams Prefer HighRadius over FloQast

Compare Real Accounting Automation Gains: HighRadius vs. FloQast


The Real AI Use-case in Accounting Automation

Enable Real-Time Anomaly Monitoring and Resolution

As the only provider in the market, we equip your accounting teams with the ability to automatically and proactively resolve accounting anomalies.


Pioneering Customer Success with Innovation

This is How The Automotive Service Giant Managed $5Mn Duplicate Invoices Across 1700+ Centers.


Automatic ERP Journal Posting


Duplicates Found in Systems


Saved by Detecting & Eliminating the Duplicates

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