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The Future of Finance: How to Prepare for It

The future of finance will be driven by data, analytics technologies, expansion into a strategic role, & increased scope for value-added activities.
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Digital Transformation Blueprint for the Office of the CFO

Learn how mid-market finance leaders can improve revenue generation by leveraging intelligent automation tools.
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Cooking the perfect collections plan this thanksgiving

Collecting accounts receivables is crucial for steady cash flows and strong customer relationships. Use AR software to collect payments faster.
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Why Operational CFOs Are Needed to Navigate the Crisis and How to Become One

Operational CFOs know the business inside-out and help drive cost optimization, tech improvements, data-driven decision making, and quick ROI.
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How can E-billing Benefit the Office of the CFO?

eBilling is a solution for issuing bills and collecting payments online. This guide will help you to learn all about eBilling and how it works.
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Key Trends in Financial Reporting for 2022-23 and Beyond

The recent trends in financial reporting indicate a higher focus on sustainability reporting and the use of automation to power on-demand reporting.
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5 Recession Strategies to Help CFOs Avoid Cash Flow Woes

Input prices rise and market downturns are likely to impede business growth in 2022-23. These recession strategies can help CFOs navigate the crisis.
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How to Use RPA in Accounts Receivable Management to Scale Your Business Faster

The Accounts Receivable function involves many processes and tasks that need meticulous attention. RPA tools can help automate such AR functions. Learn More!
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Payment Gateway vs. Payment Processor: What’s the Difference?

Understand the difference between payment processors and payment gateways and learn how they work in tandem to complete online payment transactions.
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7 Biggest CFO Concerns and How to Address Them

In early 2022, we surveyed* 154 mid-market finance leaders in the US to understand their priorities, concerns, focus areas, and technology investment plans. In this…
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10 Tips for Collecting Accounts Receivable in the Modern Day

Collecting accounts receivables well is crucial for steady cash flows and strong customer relationships. Use AR software to collect payments faster.
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The Changing Role and Responsibilities of the CFO

CFOs today focus on many areas, not limited to finance. The changing role of the CFOs require them to don multiple hats and juggle different…
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