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9 Dos and Don’ts of Data Management for Fast-Growing Finance Teams

Data is abundant in this digital world. Then, why are companies still unable to use it in the right way for strategic purposes? According to…
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7 Deadly Cash Flow Management Sins Mid-Market Businesses Should Avoid

Cash is the fuel for your business’s growth engine. Without adequate cash flow, your day-to-day operations may get stalled. You’ll then have to rely on…
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Finance 4.0: How Can Mid-Market CFOs Embrace Automation

What is Finance 4.0? Finance 4.0 is all about using digital technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), and blockchain to…
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Everything You Need to Know About Corporate Finance Team Structures

Your chief financial officer (CFO) holds the key to your company’s cash and budgets. Alongside the CFO works an army of executives to help with…
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3 Use Cases of AI in Finance for Mid-Market Companies

Heard of Amy, Ceba, Erica, Eva, or Kai? If you haven’t, then you’ve missed out on some stellar AI action in finance. Amy, Ceba, Erica,…
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