20 Must Have KPIs: Creating a Dashboard that Evaluates A/R Performance

The ability to leverage data and analytics is essential for scalable credit and A/R processes. But, it is also what separates execution-focused credit professionals from strategic finance leaders.

While there is no dearth of data within your credit and A/R processes, how effective has your team been in using that data to spot key trends, take timely corrective action and deliver insights to drive long-term strategy?

The Perfect A/R Dashboard comprises of 20 must-have KPIs and metrics that deliver executive visibility while enabling process owners to drill-down and identify root-causes and improvement opportunities.

The upcoming webinar comprises research from over 500 successful A/R transformation projects to help your company build the perfect dashboard while avoiding common pitfalls that lead to analysis-paralysis.

Join us and learn how to:

Create an intuitive dashboard with clear data visualization by integrating all internally available data
Offer periodic executive visibility by selecting the most relevant metrics including trends in DSO, bad-debt, past-due A/R, cost of receivables processing and DDO
Identify root-cause issues at the process level or with individual customers and team resources by drilling down into reports for credit, collections, cash application, billing, and deductions.
Gain insights to identify strategic, long-term areas for improvement and make proactive decisions by leveraging reporting and analytics


    • Ernie Humphrey, CEO, 360 Thought Leadership
    • Elaine Nowak, Director Product Marketing and Management, HighRadius Corporation

20 Must Have KPIs: Creating a Dashboard that Evaluates A/R Performance