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Humans + Machine

Transforming A/R to a Strategic Function

Humans + Machine : Autonomous Receivables

Humans vs. Machines is for the movies

The depiction of machines as a threat to humans is a Hollywood construct. In reality, technology has driven the most revolutionary leaps for mankind. Think of what the printing press, electricity and the internal combustion engine did for the people of that time. What self-driving cars and drone delivery systems are doing today. The role machines play to improve the quality of human life is tremendous.


A fundamental shift in the A/R analyst’s role

Combining A/R Analysts with AI and digital assistants could laser-focus teams on strategic work with higher corporate impact. While the AI digital assistant will perform the clerical tasks and provide deep analytical insights, the A/R analyst will evolve to combining this insight with their context-sensitive judgement to drive better outcomes.


If cars drive themselves, what about A/R?

Autonomous Receivables, the combination of the world-leading HighRadius AI-enabled Integrated Receivables platform and the Freeda Digital Assistant is set to fundamentally change how order to cash analysts get work done.

How does Autonomous
Receivables work?

The Freeda digital assistant uses natural language processing and AI-based technology to serve as the interaction layer between the A/R analyst and the core components of the Integrated Receivables platform. The Rivana AI Engine supports automation and prediction across the Integrated Receivables platform with machine learning algorithms trained on more than $1 trillion in receivables data.

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