Collecting Every Dollar: Strategies for Plugging Leaks in A/R Aging Buckets


With more than 52% of 90-days past-due invoice values being written-off companies need to take more control of receivables aging.

However, most finance teams continue to rely on traditional tactics such as invoice amount and invoice aging to plan collection activities.

Learn how collections teams from leading Fortune 1000 companies achieve a 75% reduction in past-due A/R by enhancing collection strategies with data around account history, credit utilization, open commitments and more. Discover how companies have successfully reduced bad-debt by 30%, DSO by 10%, as well as a 48% reduction in 30-to-60 days Past Due.

Key takeaways


  • Ernie Humphrey, Chief Executive Officer, Treasury Webinars
  • Kush Kumar, AVP, Solution Engineering, HighRadius