Integrated Receivables For Financial Institutions

Cash Application

  • Software for 95% zero-touch cash posting across ACH, checks, virtual cards, credit cards and other e-payments

Solution Overview

  • Automates cash application across all payment and remittance formats
  • Delivers on-invoice hit rates of more than 95%, enabling your customers to significantly reduce manual work associated with cash application and payment processing
  • Deploys on-cloud, available as Software-as-a-Service avoiding complex and costly on-premise installation or capital expenditure
  • Employs AI to capture remittance information from checks, emails, attachments, customer websites and EDI files, and link it to the payment, while the A/R matching engine reconciles payments with open receivables
  • Seamlessly integrates with any ERP system, ensuring a uniform user experience with standard ERP cash posting, resulting in drastically reduced operating costs, near-perfect on-invoice hit rates, and better audit compliance

Key Features

Online Credit Application
AI-powered Remittance Aggregation

Aggregate remittance details from multiple sources including customer portals, emails, checks and EDI

Credit agency integration
Payment-Remittance Reassociation

Automatically reassociate payment information with incoming remittance

Credit Scoring and Credit Limit Automation
Intelligent A/R Matching

Match payments to open invoices, identify and code short-payments and deductions and analyze cash discounts

Credit Management Workflows
ERP Integration

Publish ERP system-specific files to update ERP open A/R information for both popular and legacy ERP system file formats

Bank and Trade Reference Check
Remittance Archive

Archive remittance in long-term repository with high-fidelity search and indexing

Approval Workflows
Receivables Analytics

Out-of-the-box reporting dashboard to track key payment processing metrics

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