Integrated Receivables for Financial Institutions


Integrated Accounts Receivable Software for Lower DSO, Lesser Bad-Debt, Automated Cash Posting, Faster Dispute Resolution and Improved Efficiency

What is Integrated Receivables?

Integrated receivables Cloud

Integrated Receivables creates real dollar-savings for your clients through faster processing of receivables and elimination of low-value manual tasks. A definitive addition to your corporate treasury offering, as the SaaS-based solution is quick and cost-effective to deploy, without the need for significant capital expenditure or IT development to install and manage complex hardware and software. Clients benefit from the elimination of manual work in the cash application process by automating the capture of remittance and reconciliation of payments with open receivables. Consolidation and automated processing of consumer bill payments across multiple sources enables treasury and A/R teams to achieve straight-through payment processing.

Automated identification of short-payments, auto-coding of deductions and deduction resolution workflows significantly expedite deductions research and recovery. EIPP/EBPP powered by the radiusOneTM Network serves as a one-stop solution for all enterprise invoicing and payment acceptance requirements. The payments hub enables clients to achieve a unified, global repository of all payment information across all banking channels.

Integrated Receivables Functional Apps

Prioritized Collections Worklist
Cash Application

The most comprehensive solution for automating cash application across all payment and remittance formats Learn More...

Automated Correspondence

HighRadius Electronic Invoice Presentment and Payment (EIPP) Cloud provides tools that automate and speed up invoice communication and facilitate a faster collection of payments, enabling Learn More...

Notes, Call Logs and Payment Commitments
Consumer E-Lockbox

Straight-through consumer bill payment consolidation and reconciliation between banks and bill-payment services. Learn More...

Integrated Receivables Foundational Apps

Prioritized Collections Worklist
Receivables Hub and Analytics

he HighRadius Receivables Hub and Analytics enables banks to offer a single platform for enterprise clients to achieve a holistic view of all incoming receivables including all electronic and paper-based transactions, across all sources and banksLearn More...

Automated Correspondence
Virtual Card Reconciliation

HighRadius Virtual Card Reconciliation enables end-to-end automation of virtual card payments capture and processing. The solution is deployed on-cloud and hence does not require complex and costly on-premise installation or infrastructure.Learn More...

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