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The FinTech Advocacy Network (FAN) is focused on identifying industry education and speaker development opportunities to allow practitioners to share experiences, ideas and lessons learned for credit, treasury, receivables and related technology. Participants receive periodic notices about upcoming speaking and outreach opportunities within the industry, and we want you to be a part of this growing network. In partnership with HighRadius, a dedicated Content Development team does the heavy lifting to prepare materials for any engagement, so the time commitment is minimal but the benefits are awesome.

  • Become A Subject Matter Expert
    • Stand out as a subject matter expert among industry peers. Become an industry leader and enhance your credibility and viability within the A/R community.
  • Network and Engage in Peer Interaction
    • Networking and peer interaction is judged to be the most valuable aspect of professional growth and expansion. Being on-site to speak at a conference offers excellent opportunities for professionals to interact, make connections and expand their affiliations and relationships within the credit and accounts receivable community.
  • Receive Complimentary Registration
    • Many of the speaker engagements offer complimentary conference registration for accepted speakers.  This defrays the cost to attend and allows speakers to participate in other event offerings for minimal investment.
  • Increase Educational Opportunities
    • Attending on-site educational sessions at events allows the speaker/attendee to learn relevant business-critical information with practical application for workplace improvement and optimization. Increase success by staying professionally relevant to peers and clients with exposure to the latest industry buzz and trends.
  • Fulfill Certification and Accreditation Requirements
    • Many events offer credits to finance professionals for attending sessions. The type of certification or accreditation offered depends on the organization hosting the event. Financial professionals who hold these types of credentials are able to fulfill annual accreditation requirements or work towards an industry-recognized certification.
  • How the FinTech Advocacy Network Works
    • Once you join, we’ll add you to the pool of industry experts looking to share their experience, expertise and knowledge. You will receive notifications for upcoming events, webinars, video interviews, article content submission and other engagement opportunities as they arise. You would select when and where you’d like to make contributions to help FAN the flames of innovation and do your part to spread the word about digital transformation in the credit, accounts receivable and treasury communities.

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