Receivables Cloud

Accounts Receivable Management Software

HighRadius empowers corporations to modernize receivables and lower Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), minimize write-offs, and reduce operating expenses. For Credit and Accounts Receivable departments that are looking to become more streamlined, HighRadius Receivables Cloud offers advanced levels of automation for credit, collections, and deduction management. Receivables operations and results are dramatically improved because of the efficiency provided by robust collaboration tools, the ability to standardize processes, and insightful reporting and analytics.

Each Cloud solution is available on a subscription basis with low upfront costs, rarely requiring capital expenditure justification. Based in the cloud, the solutions are easy and cost-effective to deploy and maintain compared to traditional on-premise software that must be installed on your servers and maintained by your IT staff.

End-to-End Solutions

These solutions can be implemented individually or in combination to provide end-to-end management and automation of receivables functions. The result is a more efficient A/R process.

Fundamental Automation

Jumpstart an accounts receivable efficiency initiative with fundamental automation products that can be up and running in a matter of days.

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