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Solution Overview

Proactive deduction management operation that recovers revenue normally lost to invalid deductions

HighRadius Deductions Cloud provides automation, process standardization, and a platform for cross-departmental and customer collaboration. The solution provides the most robust automation engine available to capture deduction data from customers and supply the information required for resolution. Backup documentation, such as Proofs of Delivery (PODs) and Bills of Lading (BOLs) are captured automatically and linked to the corresponding deductions to reduce manual research. Corresponding trade promotions are also identified and suggested for settlement. Workflow and automated correspondence engines streamline communication and approval processes. The result is a proactive deduction management operation that recovers revenue normally lost to invalid deductions.

Key Features

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Claims from Customer Portals, Emails and Third-Party Websites

Automate download and information capture for claim documents from emails, paper claims, customer websites, and popular A/P networks and link these documents to open deductions using robotic process automation.

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PODs, BOLs from Carrier Portals and Emails

Automate collection, information capture, and collation for PODs and BoLs while linking them to corresponding open deductions.

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Automatic Trade Promotion Settlement

Integrate with your Trade Promotion Management (TPM) systems including Vistex, SAP, Accenture CAS, and many more for automatic settlement and resolution of trade related deductions.

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Deduction Resolution, Collaboration and Approval Workflows

Speed-up deduction resolution with customizable workflows for research and approvals with internal and external stakeholders across A/R, sales, customer service, and broker teams.

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Deduction Correspondence

Automate generation and distribution of denial correspondence to customers along with all supporting documents as per individual customer requirements.

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Push Data to Customer Portals

Automatically post denial correspondence to the customer web portals for easier notification and communication.

What our customers say

The Future of Deductions Cloud is here

Real-time visibility on analyst productivity and deduction metrics

Gain end-to-end process visibility with out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to track team productivity and key deduction metrics including DDO, NRR, and Average Resolution Time. Receivables Analytics offers intuitive data visualization which helps you drill down into individual reports to identify bottlenecks or issues in the deductions process.

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Deductions Cloud: AI-Edition

Predict invalid deductions and improve the bottom-line
Deductions analysts are able to predict the validity of customer claims, invoice disputes and trade deductions using the Rivana Artificial Intelligence platform. The machine learning algorithm has been trained on more than $30B of deductions from real-world A/R data. By leveraging invalid deductions prediction, A/R teams will now be able to improve net recovery rate and also perform root cause analysis to prevent deductions at source.

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Self-service collection of deduction back-up documents

Leverage the radiusOneTM network to automate the collection of claims and POD documents for deductions with missing backup information. Automatically send email campaigns for customers and carriers to upload backup documents to the radiusOneTM portal.

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Success Stories

25 Days

Reduction in Days Deductions Outstanding

Hormel Foods 164,000

Trade and Non-Trade Deductions Automated

Land O'Lakes $1.6 Million

Increase in Closed Deduction Dollars

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