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Deductions Cloud

Automatic Deduction Correspondence

Speed-up customer communication in their prefered format to improve the net recovery on invalid deductions with the minimum manual effort


Eliminate the time spent manually writing customer correspondence letters

Ready-to-use templates are auto-populated with all essential details and easily customized based on businesses' unique requirements instead of analysts manually writing each deduction correspondence letter.

Communicate quickly for earlier bad-debt recovery

Automated, bulk correspondence for claim denial correspondence and notifications help you recover unpaid invoices faster.

Improve customer experience by collaborating with them according to their unique preferences

Customer collaboration doesn't require any additional manual effort due to automatically sending correspondence letters through email, fax, posting it on the customer website/portal, or printing and mailing it to the customer.

Provide support to collections proactively through centralized tracking of all customer correspondence

Collection efforts improve through centralized tracking of all customer correspondence sent by the deductions team for better follow-up and collection of due amount.

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Four steps to automatically send customer correspondence

Step 1

Provide the ability to configure correspondence packages

Solution provides analysts with the ability to:
- customize customer specific templates and cover letters
- configure the mode of correspondence such as email, fax, pdf or web for different customers
- configure attachments such as back up documents, invoice document

Step 2

Auto-generates the complete customer correspondence package collated in the appropriate order

According to the customized configuration, the complete customer correspondence package is automatically generated for the customer including:
- cover sheet
- debit memo
- invoice

Step 3

Auto-fills customer denial forms on customer websites and portals

Solution automatically maps and fills all essential information in the deduction denial forms on customer websites and portals, such as:
- chargeback amount
- invoice numbers
- customer contact details

Step 4

Single-click to send the correspondence

Analysts can simply select on customers' prefered mode of correspondence and send the correspondence through:
- email
- fax
- website/portal
- print and mail

This is Why A/R Teams Love Us

Improved Recovery

Dr. Pepper Snapple Group was able to increase their net amount repaid on invalid deductions by 28% from $5M to $6.4M.

Increased Productivity

The deductions team at Hormel was able to increase the productivity of their analysts by 200% after eliminating any manual intervention on tactical transactional tasks.

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