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Integrated Receivables Cloud Platform

E-Invoicing and Payment Cloud

Invoicing Across Email, Customer Portals, Post, and Fax

Share invoices with your customers according to their preference: through email, customer portals, post, and/or fax.


Automated delivery of invoice and account statements

Automatically deliver invoices and account statements to customers at predefined frequencies in their preferred format and channel.

Multi-Channel Customer Correspondence

Share invoices with customers through multiple channels including electronic formats such as email and web portals as well as traditional formats such as post and fax.

Easy delivery tracking

Generate read receipts and review the recorded timeline of invoice and account statements delivered to your customers via the portal.

Advanced Invoice Drill Down

Customers as well as suppliers can drill down into individual invoices to review specifics and raise concerns.

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Four Simple Steps to E-Invoicing

Step 1

Preview Invoice copies

Start by previewing the invoice copies to review the finer details and format.

Step 2

Share Them With Customers

Once finalised, share invoices with customers manually or automatically through the multiple delivery channels.

Step 3

Search Using Multiple Parameters

Both buyers and sellers can search through their trove of invoices by using multiple parameters such as date, value, and product.

Step 4

Raise item level dispute in individual invoices

Drill down into individual invoices to review and raise line item level disputes.

This is Why A/R Teams Love Us

Ease of Access for Buyers

"The online invoicing and payments solution acts as one-stop access for our customers to make payments and view historical transactions with ResMed."
Rohit Patel
Credit and Collections Consultant

$200000 saved in annual print and post costs

"We have been able to transform our receivables process with the Integrated Receivables approach and HighRadius"
Tracie Duncan
Sr. Director Credit & AR
adidas group

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