What's Inside?

13 easy to implement short and medium-term strategies employed by leading Fortune 1000 and SMB companies including JBS, Yaskawa America, Ferrero to improve working capital and boost cash flow by reducing DSO and lower past-due A/R.

This eBook provides you an exclusive sneak-peek into short-term and medium-term strategies that could help you reduce DSO within 90 days and boost liquidity/cash flows.

The 13 strategies fall into the following categories:

  1. Streamlining the credit approval process to prevent customer delinquency
  2. Improving invoicing and collections process to reduce past-due A/R
  3. Eliminating waste from the order-to-cash process to reallocate FTEs to collections
  4. Using advanced AI, Machine Learning, RPA and networks to improve the overall O2C process

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Cash Flow Tips13 Proven Strategies
to Reduce DSO by 20%"/>

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