A/R Collections Process Automation

  • Preserve cash and reduce DSO by focusing on high-risk customers
  • Forecast receivables with AI-based payment date prediction
  • 100% automated dunning for low-risk customers

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A/R Automation Software Built for SAP
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Increase in Collections Accounts Coverage



Increase in Collector’s Productivity

With the help of Highradius’ collections solution, we had an average savings of $500,000 in one year, that’s the one year mark.

Tim Walker

Finance Project Systems Manager
We started seeing immediate results upon implementation: 100%+ efficiency gain!

Marinko Marijolovic

Director Corporate Credit Services
Our CFO’s objective was the reduction of Bad Debt by 20%, while the management wanted to maintain a similar ROI, with 2 FTEs retiring.

George Uko

Manager Credit and Collections

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A Snapshot of a Collector’s Workday with Automated Collections

Seamless Calling Experience

Leverage in-built VoIP calling with integrated dialer to make collection calls from the Collections Management Software itself.

Real-time Customer Segmentation

Auto-prioritized customers with AI-based payment predictions, promise to pay analysis, aging analysis, AI-powered customer segmentation.

Auto-Capture Customer Interaction History

Automated capture and recording of customer calls, notes, payment commitments in a single location

How We Power-up Your A/R Teams with Collections Automation

Faster Receivables Recovery
with AI-Based Worklist Prioritization
Automated Dunning via Emails
and A/P Portal Integrations
Real-Time Visibility into
Collections Metrics and Collector’s KPIs

75% Faster Receivables Recovery with AI-Based Worklist Prioritization

  • Use AI-based customer segmentation to identify high risk customers.
  • Predict when you’re gonna get paid with AI-based Collections Software to ensure faster recovery
  • Leverage AI-recommended actions to improve dunning strategies with promise to pay analysis in Collections Cloud

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Automated Dunning through Emails and A/P Portal Integrations

  • Auto-push invoices to A/P portals and get real-time visibility into payment data against open invoices
  • Seamless dunning with automated emails, fax.Eliminate platform switching with consolidated customer’s email responses in Collections Cloud.
  • Identify skipped invoices faster to prioritize your worklist.

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Real-Time Visibility into Collections Metrics and Collector’s KPIs

  • With AR Collection SOftware get real-time visibility into bad debt, DSO, CEI for effective collections strategies
  • Access cash projection reports at a customer-level to analyze working capital trends across globe
  • Analyze collections calls, strategies with collection management system to suggest course corrections

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Enable Touchless Dunning for Low-Risk Customers

  • Send automated correspondence via mail, emails, fax and print for low risk customers in a single click.
  • Ready-to-use custom templates based on your business requirements.
  • Avoid switching email platforms and access all correspondence and customer responses in the Collection Cloud.

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Collaboration with 3rd Party Collection Agencies through Collection Agencies Data Exchange(CADE)

  • Outsource receivables and collections to 3rd party collection agencies to recover dues with a single click
  • Share complete customer information with the collection agency including customer interaction history, payment behavior.
  • Collection Cloud regularly monitors agencies dunning activities.

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