AI-Based Automation in A/R Cash Application Process

Leverage AI-based technology to automate your cash application process in accounts receivable. Eliminate manual efforts and operating costs with accurate, same-day, invoice-level cash posting.
  • More than 95% Straight-Through Cash Posting all Payment & Remittances
  • Save 100% Lockbox Key-In Fees
  • Automate Deduction Coding

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How to Create a Difference with Cash Application Automation Solution

AI-Based Invoice Matching

Auto-match payments to invoices even in the most complex business scenarios such as parent-child relationships, installments, matching by non-invoice reference numbers

Auto-Capture Remittance Data

Automatically aggregate remittance data across emails(body and attachments), EDIs, customer web portals. Extract remittance information across all standard file formats including PDF, JPEG, PNG, XML.

Automate Deduction Coding

Automatically identify & validate deductions and discounts. Your analysts no longer need to manually map customer reason codes to ERP-specific reasons codes.

Predict Remittances in No Remittance Scenarios

Predict invoices for missing remittances using AI. Additionally, enable customers to submit remittances through the portal or enable your collectors to create remittances while speaking with customers

RDC and Mobile Payments

Faster cash reconciliation by scanning checks and check-stubs using scanner or mobile apps for remote deposit in banks

Why You Should Trust HighRadius

Ranked #1 Global Automation Leader

IDC MarketScape positions HighRadius as Leader in Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Accounts Receivable Applications

Declared Leader
IDC MarketScape for Order to Cash SaaS

HighRadius is Named to the 2020 Forbes Cloud 100  List

Forbes Cloud 100
Recognized as a top cloud leader in Fintech

CB Insights Recognizes HighRadius on 2020 Fintech 250 List of Fastest-Growing Startups

Top 250 Fintech
Selected from 16,000+Global Fintech Companies

Achieve up to 95% Straight-Through Cash Posting

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Why you should trust HighRadius

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Laurent Gueritaine

Laurent Gueritaine

Global Process Owner, Customer Invoicing to Cash

“The team was ending 300 on average on the week, 385 wire transfers manually and with HighRadius, this went down to 128. And effectively we are able to remove 50% of the workload and operation.”

Jacob Whetstone

Jacob Whetstone

Director, Credit & Accounts Receivable

“We handle all the credit evaluation, cash application, collections, and deductions management within our shared services department in North America. Most of these operations were processed in-house and had a high manual intervention.”

Rebecca Cassel

Rebecca Cassel

Director Operational Compliance-AR/ Collection

“We were able to combine a number of departments where it takes an entire department to apply cash. We now have one person applying cash, and it doesn’t even take a full day.”

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