Recover revenue faster with B2B Dunning Management software

Enable a touchless dunning experience for low-risk customers while your collections teams can focus on high-risk customers. Automated Dunning Software enables:
  • Automated correspondence to 100+ customers with a single click
  • Ready-to-use, configurable dunning templates to be used
  • Multi-language dunning templates for global customer outreach

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Create a Difference with Dunning Management Automation

Scale Dunning Outreach with Automated Correspondence

Automatically send dunning correspondences to 100+ customers through emails, fax, print and mail facilities.

Automatically Push Invoices to A/P Portals

For large enterprises, collectors can automatically push open invoices to the customer’s A/P portals. Additionally collectors can also track the real-time payment statuses from the portals.

Leverage Ready-To-Use Dunning Templates

Select within the in-built dunning template repository as per your requirement. The templates can be multilingual or for specific purposes such as blocked order notification.

Consolidate Customer Email Responses in a Single Place

Automatically consolidate your customer’s email responses in a single place – Collections Cloud

Automate Collections & Improve Collector’s Productivity
by 30%

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George Uko

George Uko

Manager Credit and Collections

Our CFO’s objective was the reduction of Bad Debt by 20%, while the management wanted to maintain a similar ROI, with 2 FTEs retiring.

Tony Hiatt

Tony Hiatt

Global Credit Manager

The automation collection operation that we had with HighRadius was that we were able to have an automated priority work list. This was very big for us.

Kay Rogers

Kay Rogers

Vice President North America Financial Transactions

You need an integrated system or a one-stop-shop with all the information in one place. Otherwise, it’s just more effort for you to search for the data from different sources. It gives you a holistic view of the customer data.

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