AI-Based Credit Scoring Software for B2B Enterprises

HighRadius Credit Cloud automates trade credit scoring and credit approval process with configurable credit scoring models and workflows.
  • Seamless integration with D&B, Experian, Creditsafe and all major
    credit bureaus
  • Automated download and extraction of credit reports, public financial and credit insurance data
  • Fully configurable scoring models and workflows to fast-track credit reviews

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Trusted by 200+ Credit Teams to Manage Diverse, Global Portfolios


How to Fast-Track Credit Assessments Across the Globe

Automatically Pull Credit Ratings from Agencies, Bureaus

  • Seamlessly integrate with D&B, Experian(s) of the world to pull your customer’s credit reports, ratings

Configurable Scoring Models to Fast-Track Reviews

  • Customize credit scoring based on various geographies, customer segments, business units
  • Automate credit scoring for low-risk customers based on specific business requirements

Multi-Language and Currency Conversion Support to Simplify Credit Reporting

  • Automatically translate credit reports, ratings in your preferred language
  • Convert currencies in a global currency format or a local currency format based on your reporting requirements

Simplify Complex Credit Decisions with Automated Workflows

  • Set up approval workflows for daily credit management activities based on your credit policies
  • Key stakeholders can approve/reject
  • Reassign with a single click, simplifying credit approvals for large, global enterprises

Want to Enable Faster, Accurate
Credit Decisions?

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Robert DiLuglio

Robert DiLuglio

VP, Global Credit, Collections and Cash Applications

Highradius workflow capabilities allow greater control over credit processess by enabling increased frequency of credit revies and provinding reliablity around credit reviews.

Julie Stigler

Julie Stigler

Senior Credit and Collections Manager

The response that we’ve gotten from HighRadius in terms of the asks have been phenomenal. We put out an idea of what we want, and they work with us. And lo and behold, poof, we have it.

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