Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring

CFOs and senior Credit leaders are focussed on how to keep the bad debt reserves in control. In this scenario, leverage AI-Powered Credit Cloud Solution to monitor your customer portfolios on a daily basis.
  • Assess the credit risk of your entire customer base on a daily basis
  • Get real-time updates of possible fluctuations in your customer’s credit health
  • Re-evaluate the customers instantly to mitigate risks on a real-time basis and reduce bad debt

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How to Monitor Customer’s Credit Risk on a Real-Time Basis

Get Real-Time Credit Risk Alerts

Receive real-time risk alerts whenever a customer files for bankruptcy, payment score or credit rating downgrades. Stay on top of your critical customers.

Access Unlimited Customer Credit Reports

Get access to unlimited, in-built credit Reports for your entire customer portfolio

Re-Assess Critical Customers with Automated Credit Scoring & Workflows

Leverage automated credit scoring models and approval workflows to re-evaluate your at-risk customers instantly, and revise their credit limits.

Ready-To-Use, Plug-and-Play Solution

Implement Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring in your organization in just 4 weeks. Real-Time Credit Risk Monitoring can seamlessly integrate with your existing ERP systems.

Reduce Your Bad Debt with Real-Time Risk Monitoring

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Molly Pryor

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We have come a long way with HighRadius. They have really helped us with the manual work and with the business growing, that’s definitely helping us to move forward.