Simplifying Cash Management

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  • Automate connectivity across all banks for bank statement inputs
  • Get global visibility into cash balances to better plan daily and weekly cash positioning activities
  • Set daily cash positions automatically, manually, or using system-generated recommendations
  • Create a single repository of cash balances and transactions for all stakeholders across the company
  • Auto-reconcile prior cash transactions to identify discrepancies against planned cash positions
  • Track and administer bank account and signatory information in a single system

Best Cash Flow Management Software

Integrate with multiple data sources via APIs and sFTP

Connect seamlessly with all banks, ERPs, and independent market data sources to process files in all formats including XML, BAI2, MT940, ISO20022, XLS, and CSV.

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Get a 360-degree view of company-wide cash positions

Check real-time cash positions across bank accounts, companies, pools, and currencies in user-defined worksheet templates with transaction-level drill down capability.

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Record and explore expected and actual transactions

Cash Transaction Explorer allows users to create cash or intercompany transactions and explore them with advanced search functionality.

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Automate reconciliation of previous day transactions

Auto-reconcile transactions based on standard and user-defined tagging rules while the rare exceptions are reconciled by creating transactions automatically or manually.

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Manage and track intercompany balances and notional pools

Automatically capture intercompany activities, track balances, and record interest across all mirrored and notional bank accounts.

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Automate your bank connectivity and reconciliation

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