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  • Direct, short-to-medium-term cash forecasts generated at a currency, entity, or regional level and rolled up to the global level across any cash flow categories. AI-powered insights for improved forecasts and better decisions
  • Global view of cash balances, automated cash positioning and cash position reconciliation, and bank administration
  • Seamless integration with banks, ERPs, and multiple data sources via APIs and sFTP, as well as easy manual uploads
  • Drill-down dashboards for reporting and analysis
  • Automatically monitor and analyze account information and cash flow status updates
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HNTB Increased their Forecast Accuracy by 94% in High-Variance Cash Flow Categories with HighRadius Cash Forecasting Software

HighRadius Cash Forecasting Software helped HNTB achieve end-to-end automation and improve cash flow visibility with daily and monthly cash forecasts, with drill down to find deviations between forecasts and actuals. This helped them with confident cash management and timely reporting.
They improved forecast accuracy up to 95% in complex cash flow categories such as A/R and A/P.
Learn how we can help eliminate your cash forecasting challenges.


How an Automated Cash Management Solution Solves The Daily Problems of a Cash Manager

Dealing with a large number of transactions can be tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. Learn how to make this procedure more efficient by automating it.


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AI-Enabled Cash Forecasting Software

Build accurate forecasts quickly and easily

Custom built for treasury use, the Autonomous Treasury Cash Forecasting is designed in a familiar spreadsheet interface and can be accessed from a browser

Collect bank and ERP data and validate its quality automatically

Data gathering engine automatically imports data from ERPs, Banks, FP&A, accounting systems, and screens it for quality issues

Choose between ready to use, self-serviceable, and AI models!

Build your own models from scratch or start using readymade models to instantly generate cash forecasts across all categories

Validate forecast accuracy using ‘Forecast vs Actual’ trends

Use historical variance trends of each forecast to validate its accuracy before using it to make key business decisions

Share business intelligence along with cash flow forecasts

Business insights tab embedded in each forecast shares category-specific intelligence through key finance metrics

Collaborate better in the Connected Workspaces

Democratize your forecasting process with cloud workspaces where multiple users can share inputs, feedback and build forecasts together

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence

Using the proven artificial intelligence Rivana, Treasurers can achieve upto 95% accuracy across both long-term and short-term forecasts

Best Cash Flow Management Software

            Integrate with multiple data sources via APIs and sFTP

Integrate with multiple data sources via APIs and sFTP

Connect seamlessly with all banks, ERPs, and independent market data sources to process files in all formats including XML, BAI2, MT940, ISO20022, XLS, and CSV.

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            Get a 360-degree view of company-wide cash positions

Get a 360-degree view of company-wide cash positions

Check real-time cash positions across bank accounts, companies, pools, and currencies in user-defined worksheet templates with transaction-level drill down capability.

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            Record and explore expected and actual transactions

Record and explore expected and actual transactions

Cash Transaction Explorer allows users to create cash or intercompany transactions and explore them with advanced search functionality.

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            Automate reconciliation of previous day transactions

Automate reconciliation of previous day transactions

Auto-reconcile transactions based on standard and user-defined tagging rules while the rare exceptions are reconciled by creating transactions automatically or manually.

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            Manage and track intercompany balances and notional pools

Manage and track intercompany balances and notional pools

Automatically capture intercompany activities, track balances, and record interest across all mirrored and notional bank accounts.

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