Cash Allocation Software

  • Same-Day, Invoice-Level Cash Posting with 90%+ Match-Rate
  • Faster exception handling with AI-based recommendations
  • Improved analyst productivity with 100% automated deduction coding

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Auto-Capture Remittance Data

Automatically aggregate remittance data across all
standard formats and sources including

  • Emails
  • EDIs
  • Customer portals

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Automate Invoice Matching

Auto-match payments to invoices even in the most complex
business scenarios such as

  • Parent-child relationships
  • Installments
  • Matching by non-invoice reference numbers

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Automate Deduction Coding

  • Auto identify and validate deductions and discounts
  • Map customer reason codes to ERP-specific reasons code
  • Free up analyst bandwidth by auto-identifying the reason for

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Auto Identify Remittances in No Remittance Scenarios

  • Predict invoices for missing remittances using AI
  • Enable customers to submit remittances through the portal
  • Enable collectors to create remittances while speaking with customers

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Achieve up to 95% Straight-Through Cash Posting

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Auto Cash Application


Remittance Lines Annually

Sandra Rath

Sandra Rath

Manager Trade Financial Management

Experienced, organized, and professional project team with dedicated and knowledgeable resources and a strong commitment to timelines

~ € 2.1M

Annual Recurring Savings


Reduction in customers worklist numbers

Coleen Zdrojewski

Coleen Zdrojewski

Vice President – Financial Services

With HighRadius, we have seen Financial Services costs decline by ~ € 2.1M while volume, quality and productivity increased.”ere but ultimately we will be able to achieve 85% efficiency

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